May 11

Calendar in Summer of Code

The community bonding phase of the Google Summer of Code 2011 is almost over so its about time to introduce our students to you. This year we have accepted two students for two very exciting projects.

Offline Support

The goal of the first project is to provide full offline support. The Student in charge here is Mohit Singh Kanwal. Mohit is a student developer from Singapore who got involved into open source and the Mozilla Calendar Project as part of the Google Summer of Code 2011. A beginner in Mozilla technologies, and code, Mohit hopes to work on the offline synchronization mode for lightning and hopefully by the end of the summer season, you can synchronize online and offline calendars. He blogs about the project here.

Improving the New Calendar Wizard

Another great project this year is improving the new calendar wizard. Lennart Bublies, 21 years old from Hamburg, Germany is working on making life easier for everyone adding a new calendar. Right now you need to enter the exact URL of your calendar. Lennart wants to improve this so you just need to enter the hostname. Read these words from Lennart:

Since summer 2009 I have been studying technical computer science at the University of Applied Science in Wedel. In addition to the university I am working in a small company, called Bit-Serv, in the area of system technology. When I’m not busy with computer science, i like to play guitar, listen to music, meet friends and I spend a lot of time outside.

I heard about Google Summer of Code via the Internet. For a few years I was waiting for an opportunity to work for a company like Mozilla, finally I have found the occasion.

Mozilla is an extraordinary open-source project. The dedication Mozilla has proven towards the community has always fascinated me – I have been using Firefox and Thunderbird for years and I am stoked. As a user of the Lightning extension I have had a few gripes and instead of asking the developers to fix it, I would like to use this opportunity to get involved myself. The project I am proposing has been a pet peeve of mine for some time now, every time I switch machines I need to find out the correct URL of my calendars. Completing this project would make my life easier and I think it would greatly benefit the Mozilla Calendar Project and its community.

Please give a warm welcome to our new contributors, I’m really looking forward to their work. Lets make this a great summer!

May 11

String Freeze and 1.0b4 Schedule

Hello Folks,

Following the Thunderbird Schedule, the Mozilla Calendar Project is
now officially string frozen. I have already announced preliminary
string freeze, but since then a lot has happened on the branching
landscape which caused some trouble in calendar land.

The following information is mainly for localizers, but also gives some details on the upcoming release.

Note that the tree has changed, to match for Thunderbird. Instead of
l10n-central, for your locale to be part of Lightning 1.0b4 you must
push to the new l10n-miramar repository. Thanks to Mark for his hard
work on getting things set up.


The final deadline for calendar l10n matches the Thunderbird deadline
of June 7th. Since for Lightning there is not much difference
between the nightly and release builds, we will not be providing extra
beta builds. Translated extensions are available on a nightly basis
(sorry, no build-on-push yet!).


The dashboard is at https://l10n-stage-sj.mozilla.org/dashboard/?tree=calendar10x. 25 locales are already green, congrats!

en-US repository

The en-US repositories are at:

Nightly builds:

l10n repositories

The l10n repositories are at: http://hg.mozilla.org/releases/l10n-miramar

You want to clone yours via
hg clone ssh://hg.mozilla.org/releases/l10n-miramar/ab-CD/

Localized Nightly builds: http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/calendar/lightning/nightly/latest-comm-miramar-l10n

Update: Signoffs are now open until June 7th. They are available here.