Jan 10

Lightning 1.0 beta1 users – Please upgrade to Thunderbird 3.0.1

Yesterday, Mozilla Messaging released Thunderbird 3.0.1, its first security, stability and maintenance release after the initial Thunderbird 3 release.

While it’s always a good idea to quickly update to such a maintenance release for security reasons, this release also contains one important fix for Lightning users, who like to use Lightning in combination with other popular Thunderbird extensions (Enigmail, Quick Folders, Buttons!, etc.). Without this fix, some of our users were affected by bug 398702, which caused the File, Edit and View menus to disappear.

This bug has now been fixed in Thunderbird 3.0.1, which is why we recommend this update to all our users of Lightning 1.0 beta1.

Jan 10

Statement on the recent Lightning 1.0 beta1 release

There seems to be some doubt in our community regarding the status of the recent Lightning 1.0 beta1 release in our release hierarchy.

So let me unequivocally state for the entire Calendar developers team:

  • We (the Calendar developers) consider Lightning 1.0 beta to be the best Lightning release, that has been released to the public so far.
  • We consider Lightning 1.0 beta1 to be the stable release built for users of Thunderbird 3 and SeaMonkey 2.
  • It contains numerous bugfixes and improvements (nearly 500) over the 16-month-old 0.9 release, that improve the add-on’s stability, performance and memory consumption.
  • We encourage everyone to update to this release from Lightning 0.9 or earlier Lightning releases.
  • We are not planning to release any updates to Lightning 0.9 users, that want to remain on Thunderbird 2. Thunderbird 3 is the future as far as we are concerned.

Jan 10

More news on the Lightning 1.0 beta1 update

The two most asked questions regarding the new Lightning release so far were:

  • Where is the x86-64 build for Linux?
  • Is there also an update available of the Provider for Google Calendar (GDATA) add-on?

I’m happy to report that both issues could be resolved successfully:

Our thanks go to the Calendar lead developer, Philipp Kewisch, who provided the x86-64 build and who maintains the GDATA add-on. Great work, Philipp!

Jan 10

Lightning 1.0 beta1 now available for download

The Calendar Project is proud to report, that (finally) the 1.0 beta1 release of Lightning has been completed and is now available via AMO.

Nearly 16 months after the 0.9, this release is more than overdue and we’re more than happy to get the nearly 500 bugfixes and improvements into the hands of our users. Notable improvements of this release are:

  • Seamless integration into the new Thunderbird 3.0 user interface
  • The different modes (calendar view, task view) are now displayed in tabs
  • Lightning now supports SeaMonkey 2.0 as a host application
  • You can now define multiple alarms for a single event
  • CalDAV support and interoperability with various CalDAV servers have been improved
  • The application stability, performance and memory consumption have been improved
  • Estonian, Frisian, Galician, Hebrew, Indonesian, Punjabi, Sinhala, Tamil, Turkish and Vietnamese were added as new languages. Unfortunately no builds in Traditional Chinese, Slovenian, Swedish or Ukrainian are available for 1.0 beta1

Lightning 1.0 beta1 is available for Windows, Mac OS X (universal builds) and Linux in 37 different languages including English. Please read the release notes for Lightning 1.0 beta1 before downloading.

Thank you again to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters. We would not be able to do this without your assistance!