More news on the Lightning 1.0 beta1 update

The two most asked questions regarding the new Lightning release so far were:

  • Where is the x86-64 build for Linux?
  • Is there also an update available of the Provider for Google Calendar (GDATA) add-on?

I’m happy to report that both issues could be resolved successfully:

Our thanks go to the Calendar lead developer, Philipp Kewisch, who provided the x86-64 build and who maintains the GDATA add-on. Great work, Philipp!


  1. Simon,
    Don’t forget to mention both are on AMO now and people will receive updates if available.

  2. Many thanks for the 64bit builds!

  3. Hi,
    it does not work!
    “”Lightning” konnte nicht installiert werden, da es nicht mit dem Thunderbird-Build-Typ (Linux_x86-gcc3) kompatibel ist”

  4. Hi Peter,
    you have a 32bit system, the plugins above are for 64bits.
    But my GDATA Provider does not work and says it would need additional items. Any ideas?

  5. Thanks! Works great!

  6. Looking very good on OSX. Only thing that does not seem good is that there seems to be no way to set the priority of a task.
    Is this a disabled feature in this release or something I’m missing ?

  7. Guys – very excited about the upcoming 1.0 release, keep up the good work!

  8. Provider for Google Calendar 0.6pre could not be installed because it is not compatible with Shredder 3.0.2pre.
    Any suggestions??

  9. Thanks for the 64bit versions.
    I found that I had to install the Google Provider addon from within Thunderbird (using the addon search/install function). Using the links provided above results in the Google Provider say is needs additional items.

  10. Thanks! Im also very excited about this project.
    Do you know approximately the release date of 1.0?

  11. Thank you so much.

  12. I.Love.You.
    Seriously tnx – hopefully there is a 64bit on the roadmap for final release?

  13. Hi,
    I’ve found Provider for Google Calendar 0.6b1 First, I installed it to my previous copy of 64-bit SM-2.0.2 and it went in fine. I was able to add my google calendar, which seems to have synced automatically.
    Then, I opened SM-2.0.3 and there were no complaints, calendars seem intact. So far, so good, thanks for the software!