Statement on the recent Lightning 1.0 beta1 release

There seems to be some doubt in our community regarding the status of the recent Lightning 1.0 beta1 release in our release hierarchy.

So let me unequivocally state for the entire Calendar developers team:

  • We (the Calendar developers) consider Lightning 1.0 beta to be the best Lightning release, that has been released to the public so far.
  • We consider Lightning 1.0 beta1 to be the stable release built for users of Thunderbird 3 and SeaMonkey 2.
  • It contains numerous bugfixes and improvements (nearly 500) over the 16-month-old 0.9 release, that improve the add-on’s stability, performance and memory consumption.
  • We encourage everyone to update to this release from Lightning 0.9 or earlier Lightning releases.
  • We are not planning to release any updates to Lightning 0.9 users, that want to remain on Thunderbird 2. Thunderbird 3 is the future as far as we are concerned.


  1. I have Ryan’s same question…
    Is there a difference between 1.0b1RC and 1.0b1?
    and b2 will the next release or rc is coming?
    great work and go ahead!

  2. Good stuff…
    My problem is thought that for me (Ubuntu 9.10 user) there does not seem to be a good way to upgrade my Thunderbird 2 to version 3. Any pointers?

  3. All ok, but one problem with deleting tasks in the todaypanel.
    I can’t delete a task with ‘delete key’ nor with right click option…

  4. Thanks for the update of lightning but in my home pc I still have a problem with a new task… I can’t insert a new one, in today panel and in calendar tab.
    Can anyone help me?

  5. Just one more question on this issue: if it is considered a stable release, why is it still called “beta” and not simply “Lightning 1.0”. There will always be more things to do in forthcoming releases.

  6. I absolutely agree with Heribert. You could have avoided all the confusion by just naming the release “Lightning 1.0”
    Apart from that, I am a great fan of the Calendar Project!

  7. @Michiel: always has a download link to the latest “stable” release of Thunderbird. Currently that means Thunderbird 3.0
    You may even keep Ubuntu’s Tb2, just make sure that you install Tb3 in a different directory and before it in the $PATH (e.g. unpack the .tar.bz2 at /usr/local/ and create a softlink as follows: “cd /usr/local/bin && ln -sv ../thunderbird/thunderbird”).
    Your profile will be the same, but it is not recommended to go repeatedly back and forth between different releases on a single profile.

  8. Michiel, Ubuntuzilla.

  9. P.S. and that *$%§! blog engine broke the line in the middle of a path. I meant: in /usr/local/bin/, add a softlink named thunderbird pointing to ../thunderbird/thunderbird i.e. /usr/local/thunderbird/thunderbird

  10. Hi,
    just a huge huge gigantesque “Thank You!” for all the team.
    We use TB3+lightning, and there is always one computer with the beta running.
    It just works well and get better and better.
    I can not work without you!

  11. When is there going to be a Solaris x86 version?

  12. A big thank you and my compliments for your work.
    This said, i totally agree with Heribert and Matthis that the word “Beta” is not appropriate for a stable release. I am one of those who ask himself why a beta release is here referred as a stable release.

  13. @Sun Guy
    You can get the Solaris versions of Lightning from here

  14. Danilo Fortunato

    A big thank you to Philipp Kewisch and all the team.
    Regarding the version name, a Beta is a pre-production release, not a stable release, therefore I expect that Lightning 1.0 (no Beta) will be released in the future.
    If Beta 1 proves to be good enough, you can just rename the version eliminating Beta – as it was a release candidate.
    Please, don’t forget to work on the build of Sunbird 1.0.
    We look forward to download it !

  15. How about self-signed ssl certificates.
    I have a calendar file on my own server via https, but in lightning 1.0b1 there is now way of accepting the unsafe certificate.
    Can you please add a similar dialog as for mail accounts? Please, please, please :-)
    Want to switch to TB3

  16. @MS:
    If you go to Settings/Options, Security (sorry, don’t have the exact wording present right now), can you manually add the certificate from there?
    IIRC, then I was able to type the site address, download/inspect the certificate and save it.

  17. Any chance that we can get a Solaris 10 Sparc version?
    The contrib folder only has OpenSolaris releases.

  18. @Heribert and others. Lightning 1.0b1 is a more “stable” release IMHO than was 0.9. If I interpret the blog post correctly, the developers consider it the most stable release available. There will certainly be a 1.0 final…
    @MS and Wolf: Wolf’s got it – thanks! Go to Tools->Options, Security. Select the Servers tab and ‘Add Exception…’. Enter the URL and confirm the exception. This is also an open bug in Bugzilla, so hopefully it’ll pop up the exception dialog in the future…

  19. Hi, thanks a lot!! this is working very good with TB3.
    Not sure where I can provide some feedback for enhancements so I’ll do it here:)… Is it possible to add a way to reply to an invitation directly from the context menu (right click on top of the meeting) with the options:
    – I will attend
    – I might attend
    – I will not attend
    – I will confirm later
    This way we will not have to “open” the meeting to confirm it when we know already what to do.
    Thanks again for your work.

  20. I am running Shredder 3.2a1pre (Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US; rv:1.9.3a1pre) Gecko/20100118 Lightning/1.0b2pre Shredder/3.2a1pre) and have installed Lightning 1.0B1 as well as the Provider for Google Calendar 0.6b1 . When I go to add my Google Calendar, on the page in the dialog box where I select calendar type (Google) and enter the URL, clicking the Next button does absolutely nothing. The dialog box seems to allow me to interact with hte Next button, as it is obviously being pressed, but it just sits there with no action being performed. I even left the dialog box up for 10 minutes with nothing happening.
    I also tried both the public URL as well as the Private URL, and I tried both, right clicking the XML button and copying the URL as well as clicking the XML button and copying the resulting URL (which seemed a bit different).
    Furthermore, installing the nightly builds of both Addons (18 Jan 2010 builds) still exhibits the same behavior.
    Any ideas on this perplexing issue?

  21. I have downloaded lightning 1.0 beta, everything works fine, except I don’s seem to have calendar tool bar anymore. the calendar toolbar is very handy to allow me to quickly switch the view of calendar from day to week to month. is this something that will be available soon?

  22. We appreciate the work involved with this release, but please do not confuse everyone with the statement that this is a stable release. I am sure it is stable enough for use, but under proper naming schemes we go from pre-alpha, alpha, release candidate, beta, and then stable. Take the beta off the release title and there will be more trust and usage.
    As of now, I would not recommend using a beta release over a true stable release version of lightning to those that ask my opinion. If the development team feels so strongly that this is stable, then remove the beta tag. This is not google; beta is still considered a test release code. As someone eager to upgrade to TB 3.0, I will continue to patiently wait and thank all for their hard work and effort to bring the calendar project this far.

  23. @JCM: The right-click to change status is an open bug (404900) in Bugzilla.
    @avinyc: Would you recommend 0.9 (not really stable) over 1.0b1 just because it doesn’t have the word Beta? I agree, the words “the stable release” aren’t well-chosen – I’d use “the most stable release”, as “the stable release” will be 1.0 final and its tested/released successors.

  24. Is Mozilla Messaging involved in this project? There are MM’s developers that work at least half time (or half, half, half, half … time, maybe an hour per week) on Lightning?
    Is it possible that a project like this is carried on only by a student (even if a great talent)?
    There are weeks without a patch attached on bugzilla, there are weeks without a patch review.
    I hope that Mozilla Messaging gives a hand to this project otherwise the 1.0 version it’s going to be the last version.

  25. This definition of “stable” is a bit off, I think. Call it a beta, please! Every time I get an email from someone in the office who uses outlook everybody else who is invited has all status icons attached to them (Bug 534045). This is not what I would call “ready for prime-time”.

  26. I just tried the opensolaris x86 lightning on thunderbird 3.01 for Solaris 10. It seems to be working. I haven’t tested it extensively though.

  27. I too would like to see the problem with not being able to delete a task once opened.

  28. @LesBarstow – it really doesn’t have anything to do with the title. I’m not anti-beta for use, but I do believe it is wrong to promote something as a fully stable release when the beta label is appearing. Let’s face it, everything even once considered final will come with bugs and need to be fixed in subsequent releases, but that’s the not the problem here.
    And yes, unfortunately since I am still stuck in TB 2.0, I am using Lightning .9 as it is the last final release available for that version. I waited a long time for TB3 to be released and I can hold it as long as this extension is considered beta. Trust me, I am looking forward to upgrading…

  29. thanks for all the efforts, enjoying lightning with the new TB3!