Lightning 1.0 beta1 users – Please upgrade to Thunderbird 3.0.1

Yesterday, Mozilla Messaging released Thunderbird 3.0.1, its first security, stability and maintenance release after the initial Thunderbird 3 release.

While it’s always a good idea to quickly update to such a maintenance release for security reasons, this release also contains one important fix for Lightning users, who like to use Lightning in combination with other popular Thunderbird extensions (Enigmail, Quick Folders, Buttons!, etc.). Without this fix, some of our users were affected by bug 398702, which caused the File, Edit and View menus to disappear.

This bug has now been fixed in Thunderbird 3.0.1, which is why we recommend this update to all our users of Lightning 1.0 beta1.


  1. Bonjour,
    Voici mon problème.
    R6002-virgule flottante pas chargé
    J’ai commencé à avoir R6002 un message d’erreur «point flottant non chargé». J’ai essayé de désinstaller et reinsaller Thunderbird mais cela n’a pas résolu le problème. Thunderbird ouvre normalement OK et de télécharger les e-mails mais après un moment le message apparaît et le programme se bloque et ne sera pas ré-ouvert car il est toujours en marche. Cela se produit également si je ferme Thunderbird et d’essayer de le ré-ouvrir. J’utilise la version 3.0. 1 Pouvez-vous s’il vous plaît me venir en aide?
    R. Vogel

  2. Salut Roger!
    Après une petite recherche Google, je crois que ton problème n’est pas lié à Thunderbird/Lightning. En tout cas, d’autres gens ont observé l’erreur R6002 avec d’autres programmes. Regarde si ce lien là peut t’aider:
    Bonne chance!

  3. «…we recommend this update to all our users of Lightning 1.0 beta1.»
    Except those who (like me) use Lightning on SeaMonkey 2, I suppose?
    Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100121 Lightning/1.0b2pre SeaMonkey/2.0.3pre – Build ID: 20100121002053

  4. When I click to add a new calendar event, the event pop up is ONLY the top blue bar. Nothing else shows. Also, I have remote ICS calendars, and those fail to load. A new one I added never prompts me for the user/pass.

  5. Hey Wes,
    Try resizing the window. It happened to me also… Hope it helps a little.

  6. Does this bug affect SeaMonkey 2.0.2 too?

  7. blah blah Lightening. First it did not work with work with tb3 now having fixed that it does not work with tb3.1. This is really shoddy.

  8. I can’t seem to get tasks to view in the calendar mode even though I have the preferences selected as such. Any ideas on how to fix that?

  9. Should I expect to ever see a version that supports SunOS_x86? I’ve seen no mention of it, which makes me think you’re dropping support for Solaris. I’d really like to have my integrated calendar back! Thanks guys!!!

  10. Ok, I found a link to the SunOS build and have it installed. However, I’m unable to use the calendar due to the following error:
    An error was encountered preparing the calendar located at moz-profile-calendar:// for use. It will not be available.
    [Exception… “Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [mozIStorageStatement.reset]” nsresult: “0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)” location: “JS frame :: file:///export/home/tkb/.thunderbird/rzyxxej3.default/extensions/%7Be2fda1a4-762b-4020-b5ad-a41df1933103%7D/modules/calStorageUpgrade.jsm :: ensureUpdatedTimezones :: line 420” data: no]
    Any suggestions as I work through this problem?

  11. José Eduardo R Moretzsohn

    I have Lighting (internally updated) installed in Thunderbird 3.0.1. It all works very neatly but for the GMT timing, which is wrong. Although I chose Amerika-São Paulo time, which is the only current possibility (instead of Amerika-Brasilia: GMT minus 3; and GMT minus 2 during Summertime), if I set it to remind me ONE hour prior to any event, Lightning reminds me TWO hours earlier. This error, at least some six months ago, was present also in Fox Clocks, this being the reason I removed it from Firefox and Thunderbird then.

  12. Congrats on the Lighting release. Any chance of the Sunbird beta? Timeline?

  13. Sorry, but this doesn’t work for me. I installed Tbird 3.01 on my Windows 7/32. Then went to install Lightning 1.0b1. It appears in my Extensions box as if it was installed properly but no calendar function is available. When I click on the Options tab it takes me to Options Window.
    I then uninstalled it and tried various of the nightly builds with the same result.
    What can I do to make Lightning work? Have looked on Bugzilla for an answer to no avail.

  14. @Carlos: Even if Lightning is properly installed, you may not notice the change unless you’re looking closely. (Or you may be right and Lightning isn’t actually working – anyone with Win7 install experience?…)
    First, the behavior you describe when clicking on the Options button in your Extensions screen is correct: it should open up the Thunderbird Options panel; there you should see a new option set for Lightning; it appears after the ‘Advanced’ icon. In my experience it does not automatically switch to the Lightning options panel – you have to do the navigation.
    Second, regarding not seeing a calendar function: it may be that no calendar is open and you’ve missed some minor tell-tale signs that Lightning is installed. First, you’ll have a new menu: Events and Tasks. Second, you’ll have a pair of icons on the right side of the (new to TB3) view pane tab bar, one for Calendar and one for Tasks. And third, there should be a ‘Today Pane’ button down toward the bottom right of your TB3 screen. Aside from these few (and somewhat unobtrusive) signs, you might not know that a calendar app was installed. Well, one other sign: ICS calendar invitation messages will be rendered differently once Lightning is installed.

  15. I personally am very happy with Sunbird. Any ideas as to when this beta might be released? Possibly some thought should be given to more support to Sunbird and have the calander be an external call from Thunderbird – as it seems as the integration into Thunderbird is a bit dicey. For example, I have in Firefox the “Get Mail” icon addon which brings up Thunderbird when I am in Firefox – no need for tight integration like the old Mozilla suite – as long as the UI is simple. Just some thoughts to chew on……

  16. HI:
    I upgraded to TB3 and Lighting 1.0B it corrupted all my cal data…not readable and then couldn’t go back to 2.
    Anyone else experience this?
    I had to reformat drive and reinstall image to get the data back and TB 2 back. Solution please????

  17. Can’t update – there doesn’t seem to be a Linux 64bit version of the XPI (Linux x/64, gcc3).