On the state of Sunbird 1.0 beta1

Four weeks ago we released Lightning 1.0 beta1. At the time we also said, that we would make a 1.0 beta1 release available for Sunbird as well, the last Sunbird release from us as previously announced.

Now what’s holding it up? The answers are: technical stuff and real life. To elaborate more, we’re still having problems to produce the Sunbird 1.0 beta1 release builds in all our supported locales. The only two people who could fix that (Philipp and Gozer) are either too busy because they have to learn for their university exams (Philipp) or too busy, because they have to work on getting other (higher priority) releases out of the door (Lanika 3.1 alpha1 and Thunderbird 3.0.2).

The good news is that Philipp’s exams will be done in the coming week and Gozer’s main time consumer is either already done (Lanikai 3.1 alpha1) or will be done from his side in the coming week (Thunderbird 3.0.2). So expect a Sunbird release shortly thereafter.


  1. If you could post the necessary .mozconfig settings in mozilla.dev.apps.calendar (or a link to them), I’m quite sure that someone else would be willing to create builds.
    Myself, I only have access to Linux-x64 and OS/2 but I would be happy to contribute Sunbird 1.0beta1 packages for those platforms.

  2. Peter, the problem is not to produce the normal en-US builds. The problem is to push out the builds in all our supported locales, because the build process for those is still a hassle.