Feb 06

Status update (27 Feb)

The following bugs have had fixes checked in since the last status update and we have made significant progress towards the
Lightning 0.1 and the Sunbird 0.3 alpha2 release.

  • Disable recurring todos until Bug 328197 is sorted out
  • Bug 300117: (Both) Recurring events are not visible on ‘until’ date
  • Bug 315051: (Both) Switch to storing alarms based on offsets from start/end time rather than as absolute times. Ensure that missed alarms are fired
  • Bug 320178: (Both) Need UI for editing single instance or all instances of recuring events
  • Bug 322859: (Both) Organizer is incorrectly converted to an attendee on ics roundtrip
  • Bug 323085: (Lightning) Add import/export functionality for lightning
  • Bug 323085: (Sunbird) Improve options/UI for Sunbird
  • Bug 325932: (Both) ‘Hide Completed Tasks’ button doesn’t work for tasks created with Sunbird 0.2
  • Bug 326074: (Both) Edit event via middle/right double click should not be possible
  • Bug 326077: (Both) cannot delete modified events from a series
  • Bug 326132: (Both) Start time of all-day events is set to odd times
  • Bug 327175: (Both) Define text color for selected event too (better legibility)
  • Bug 327840: (Both) Attendee participationStatus lost when cloning an event due to typo
  • Bug 327890: (Both) Serialize exceptions to ics calendars
  • Bug 327971: (Both) Fix for schema-checker failure blowing away database tables
  • Bug 328197: (Both) Fix a couple of thinkos which cause bad things to happen when dealing with recurring tasks
  • Bug 328504: (Both) Error parsing ics file with X-MOZ-LASTACK element due typo
  • Bug 328631: (Both) Position of the label ‘category’ inside New-event dialog is too high
  • Bug 328636: (Both) Editing event with reminder (15 or 30 min.) crashes Thunderbird (branch)

The Lightning 0.1 release blocker list
is down to only a few bugs and with the exception of Bug 323093
the remaining bugs are mostly in the build config or release preparation area. So we’re pretty confident, that we can release
Lightning 0.1 in the next two weeks, even though we won’t release Lightning 0.1 until tomorrow as dmose already
pointed out in the
developer newsgroup.

Feb 06

Warning/Testing request: New alarm system landing tonight

This post is directed at anyone who is using/testing nightly builds of Sunbird or Lightning.

In the next half-hour, I’m going to be landing an over-haul of the alarm system. For those of you who want the gory details (or who want to see how much work reviewing a patch truly takes), please read Bug 315051. This overhaul is intended to solve, among other things, the following problems:

  • Alarms missed while Sunbird/Lightning was closed are not fired when the program is started up.
  • Alarms for ics files do not meet RFC-2445
  • Alarms for recurring events do not work
  • Alarms scheduled more than 6 hours in advance of an event are not fired

In order to make these changes, however, significant changes were needed in a broad range of code areas, including, most critically, the sqlite database. While every effort has been made to ensure that the database upgrade necessary will happen automatically and without any problems, users should back up their profile before using tomorrow’s nightly Also, users should note that using older builds after upgrading may result in dataloss.

How you can help:

The new alarm code currently contains additional debugging code to help get feedback on the effectiveness of the changes prior to the release of Lightning 0.1. The vast majority of this feedback will be provided in the form of console output. Therefore, if you are testing alarms, it is recommended that you run Sunbird or Thunderbird+Lightning with the -console command. The -console command is a commandline argument. These arguments are described in more details here.

Things to look for

  • When starting an updated build of Lightning/Sunbird that previously used the old alarm code, you should notice an output that looks like:
    *** Calendar schema version is: 4
    **** Upgrading schema from 4 -> 5
    Starting calendar alarm service
  • All of your past alarms will fire the first time you run an updated build. Click ‘Dismiss All’ to get rid of them*
  • Whenever Lightning/Sunbird starts up, it will output to the console exactly what it is doing for each alarm that it finds. This includes things like “The alarm has been previously acknowledged.” or “This alarm is too far in the future.” or “This alarm is in the past and has not been acknowledged. Firing now.” If you find alarms misbehaving, posting this information in a bug report will be extremely helpful

Thanks again to all of our testers. Feedback on the new alarms system is greatly appreciated.

*Note: I rather expect there will be issues with firing multiple alarms at the same time. This, however, was beyond the scope of the current bug.

Feb 06

Status update (13 Feb)

The following bugs have had fixes checked in since the last status update. Additionally, a substantial amount of code-restructuring was done that included removing obsolete files from the CVS repository as well as beginning our migration towards a better localization structure.

  • Bug 324849 – (Both) Check to see if a remote calendar has been modified before uploading changes
  • Bug 295387 – (Both) Day/Week views do not show all-day events
  • Bug 326003 – (Both) Localization restructuring
  • Bug 324665 – (Lightning) New events do not appear until the view has been refreshed.
  • Bug 319790 – (Both) Add a way to calculate a week-number from a date. (Fixes the ‘Week 0’ bug)
  • Bug 312830 – (Both) Add a scrollbar in the month-view for when more events are present than can be shown
  • Bug 325459 – (Both) Month view’s relayout can occassionally fail
  • Bug 323776 – (Lightning) Make sure Lightning only installs in the versions of Thunderbird it was designed for
  • Bug 326335 – (Lightning) Deleted calendars don’t disappear from the list until it is refreshed
  • Bug 325592 – (Sunbird) Fix build problems on the MOZILLA_1_8 branch
  • Bug 326268 – (Sunbird) Use the new week-number calculation service in the multiweek view too
  • Bug 326390 – (Both) Completed dates for tasks are not saved
  • Bug 326331 – (Both) For new events, the event-dialog should default to the selected calendar, not the first one
  • Bug 304084 – (Both) All day event gets changed to previous day when editing
  • Bug 326653 – (Lightning) Can’t select all day events in week/day view
  • Bug 326287 – (Both) Change default event background to a lighter, easier to read color
  • Bug 326787 – (Both) Events spanning multiple days can sometimes mess up the day/week view
  • Bug 321693 – (Sunbird) ‘Number of Weeks’ option for the multiweek view is always disabled
  • Bug 326794 – (Sunbird) Localization restructuring
  • Bug 320869 – (Sunbird) CVS restructuring
  • Bug 322060 – (Sunbird) The first day in the multiweek view should show the month as well
  • Bug 321560 – (Sunbird) For people east of GMT, the wrong day is selected when using the minimonth
  • Bug 325701 – (Both) Do not display a time for all day events in the month/multiweek views
  • Bug 326439 – (Lightning) make the default calendar name (‘Home’) localizable
  • Bug 298373 – (Both) Prompt users before deleting a calendar
  • Bug 326132 – (Both) For users east fo GMT, all-day events sometime falsely trigger a ‘Start time after end time’ warning.
  • Bug 321383 – (Sunbird) Multiweek view boxes appear in weird colors.
  • Bug 322059 – (Both) Current year not visible in month view.

Thanks again to all of our testers and bug reporters, as well as to everyone who submitted patches for these bugs. Keep up the good work!

Feb 06

Status update (4 Feb)

I know it’s only been 5 days since the last update, but a lot of patches have landed since then. I thought it would be more useful to get this information out now, so our testers know what to be looking for.

The following bugs have had patches checked in since the last update:

  • Bug 325476 – (Both) Occassional crash caused by alarm service starting so early in the startup sequence
  • Bug 321546 – (Both) Enable inline editing in the month/multiweek views by making all items inherit from a base class.
  • Bug 324669 – (Lightning) Clean up ‘New’ menu options in Thunderbird’s ‘File’ menu
  • Bug 325140 – (Lightning) Make Lightning compatible with the new Thunderbird searchbox location (from Bug 324194)
  • Bug 325337 – (Lightning) Fix regression from Bug 325140
  • Bug 270995 – (Both) Don’t factor in exceptions to recurrence rules until after the normal rule is calculated
  • Bug 325325 – (Both) Fix documentation on return types for calIOpertationListener
  • Bug 298349 – (Both) Events that span more than 1 day only shown on the first day in month/multiweek views.
  • Bug 324028 – (Both) In day/week view, events lasting more than 1 day aren’t shown on the last day if their end-time is before their start-time
  • Bug 325476 – (Lightning) The list of calendars doesn’t immediately refresh when adding/deleting calendars
  • Bug 324633 – (Sunbird) Error importing all day events from Outlook
  • Bug 165963 – (Both) Make sure all possible ways of creating events put the event in the (guessed) system timezone
  • Bug 325762 – (Both) New recurrence dialog has units for COUNT property, but these units are ignored.
  • Bug 325354 – (Both) Snooze button for alarms doesn’t work
  • Bug 313615 – (Both) Automatically close the alarm window when the last alarm in it is dismissed

The new views regression bug still contains several open bugs. Additionally, the following Sunbird regression was identified:

  • Bug 325786 – (Since new dialog landing) Recurrence dialog does not contain a way to add exceptions to recurring events.