Status update (4 Feb)

I know it’s only been 5 days since the last update, but a lot of patches have landed since then. I thought it would be more useful to get this information out now, so our testers know what to be looking for.

The following bugs have had patches checked in since the last update:

  • Bug 325476 – (Both) Occassional crash caused by alarm service starting so early in the startup sequence
  • Bug 321546 – (Both) Enable inline editing in the month/multiweek views by making all items inherit from a base class.
  • Bug 324669 – (Lightning) Clean up ‘New’ menu options in Thunderbird’s ‘File’ menu
  • Bug 325140 – (Lightning) Make Lightning compatible with the new Thunderbird searchbox location (from Bug 324194)
  • Bug 325337 – (Lightning) Fix regression from Bug 325140
  • Bug 270995 – (Both) Don’t factor in exceptions to recurrence rules until after the normal rule is calculated
  • Bug 325325 – (Both) Fix documentation on return types for calIOpertationListener
  • Bug 298349 – (Both) Events that span more than 1 day only shown on the first day in month/multiweek views.
  • Bug 324028 – (Both) In day/week view, events lasting more than 1 day aren’t shown on the last day if their end-time is before their start-time
  • Bug 325476 – (Lightning) The list of calendars doesn’t immediately refresh when adding/deleting calendars
  • Bug 324633 – (Sunbird) Error importing all day events from Outlook
  • Bug 165963 – (Both) Make sure all possible ways of creating events put the event in the (guessed) system timezone
  • Bug 325762 – (Both) New recurrence dialog has units for COUNT property, but these units are ignored.
  • Bug 325354 – (Both) Snooze button for alarms doesn’t work
  • Bug 313615 – (Both) Automatically close the alarm window when the last alarm in it is dismissed

The new views regression bug still contains several open bugs. Additionally, the following Sunbird regression was identified:

  • Bug 325786 – (Since new dialog landing) Recurrence dialog does not contain a way to add exceptions to recurring events.


  1. great to see this progress!
    My big quiestion is; when will (or already do?) the lightning nightlies be compatible with TB 1.5??
    Is the “schedule” of lightning 0.1 in february realistic?

  2. Carl,
    Lightning already works with TB 1.5 in a restricted sense. The problem is Bug 321244 which means Lightning will not work with the TB 1.5 that you downloaded, because it was made with a different compiler. The work-around is to use the TB 1.5 that the Lightning build machines output as a by-product of compiling Lightning. These builds currently have some of the changes in them that are planned for TB2, so they’re not exact 1.5 copies. However, they’re from the 1.8 Branch (if you choose the right folder), which is much more stable than trunk. If you want to test now, that’s what you should do. As you can see from that bug, we’re not going to release 0.1 until it actually works with all previously downloaded versions of TB1.5. These builds can be found in this directory:
    Regarding the schedule, yes, I think February is realistic. The blocking list is shrinking pretty quickly, and all of the bugs on the list have been assigned and are actively being worked on.

  3. So when are we getting a Lightning 0.1 for TB 1.5?
    Late February as in March?
    I don’t want to re download a nightly TB build.
    I’m dying over here…

  4. Hehe, please don’t die :-) Thanks for your great work, Calendar Team!

  5. Is there also a plan to release another alpha for Sunbird?

  6. I have been using Sunbird since I first heard of it. It is a great program, and I look forward to the release of version 0.3 with its promised ease of making backups. Keep up the good work, people.
    Thank you.

  7. Vinger,
    Yes, we hope to have a release of Sunbird 0.3a2 shortly after Lighting 0.1 is announced.

  8. I use Calendar as a Firefox extension, and I know this complaint isn’t that important in the grand scheme of things, but the colors in Calendar not that good. The dark blue (for the even) with the black ink is very difficult to read. Does anyone else have this problem?
    Thank you for an otherwise great calendar!

  9. I apologize for the typos above. Correction: The dark blue color (for the Events) combined with the black ink text is a very difficult combination to read.

  10. I’m using Calendar as a Portable Firefox extension so I always have my appointments with me. The program is AWESOME. Keep up the great work. I’ve found one bug (may be a user error) regarding tasks. When I create a recurring task, say repeat every month, I don’t see any indication of the repeated item after completing this month’s task. To get the task to repeat should I mark this month’s as completed or simply acknowledge the reminder?

  11. Don’t know if I am missing something….. You cannot set a recurring event for “monthly” in Sunbird. When you click on monthly, the “OK” button goes away…. never to be seen again.

  12. I agree with Trathena, the black on blue for events is difficult to read. I was beginning to think it was just my eyes :-).
    Great work, otherwise. Lots of progress. Please keep the updates coming.