Status Update (Jan 30)

The following bugs have had fixes checked in for them since the last Status Update.

  • Bug 189416: (Sunbird + Extension) View commands should be type=radio and should work with ‘checked’, not ‘disabled’. Remove view options from the context-menu.
  • Bug 305577: (Lightning) Lightning prefs tab has 8 icons
  • Bug 315307: (All) Make remote calendar location readonly to prevent really painful failure mode.
  • Bug 320175: (All) Can’t delete event from keyboard in new month view
  • Bug 321769: (All) Make day + week views respect default start and end time preferences
  • Bug 323321: (All) Drag’n’drop of events via right mouse button confuses the views
  • Bug 324286: (All) Creating tasks/events via double-click does not work.
  • Bug 324312: (All) Make event dialog resizable
  • Bug 324417: (Lightning) Lightning does not have a ‘Go to Today’ toolbar button or menu item.
  • Bug 324735: (All) Remove some references to obsolete calIItemOccurence interface.
  • Bug 325141: (All) Fix for typo: this.mProperties.enumerator.

The checkin of the two UI synchronizations (event dialog and publishing dialog),
that we talked about in our last status update has gone very smoothly and only
one regression (Bug
) has been identified.

The new views regression tracking bug still has several bugs open on it. But the list
is getting shorter. Other than that, there are no known regressions in Sunbird and
only one known regression (Bug
in Lightning.


  1. I’ve been using the mozilla1.8 build of lightning with thunderbird1.5 for a while now ( just for small stuff ). And I have to say, its getting better and better.
    Is there a possibility for making a latest_mozilla1.8 directory on the ftp-server just like the latest_trunk..
    the build while be easier to find then

  2. raymond: Bug 323430 has been filed for that.

  3. Hey justed wanted to say,
    its the best calendar i know, keep on coding :-) i am looking forward to see the next version :-) this application will be a big success like all the other mozilla projects i am sure ! :-)

  4. Hey, this is the best software I’ve ever used, do you have some kind of an estimated time period when you think the new version will come out?

  5. Just updated Firefox to and unfortunately lost the ability to run calendar.
    Any news about when there will be an update please?

  6. Hi,
    try to get the last version.
    Keep working you are doing well.
    Thank you so much to help me in my job.

  7. Calendar extension and Firefox is working good for me…