Status Update (21 Jan)

It’s been a busy week for the Calendar developers. Lots of good bugs have been fixed, and 2 important patches were checked in that help to unify the front-end code used by both Lightning and Sunbird.

First, Sunbird and Lightning now share the same code for their ‘Publish’ dialogs. This UI sync allowed us to remove the ‘Default Publishing Address’ preference from Sunbird. The dialog will remember the last address you typed in for each calendar and automatically fill that in for you the next time you try to publish that calendar. Thanks to Stefan Sitter for putting in the work on these bugs.

Secondly, Sunbird and Lightning now share the same dialog for creating and editing events and tasks. The new dialog is based off of the previous code for the Lightning dialog. The Sunbird dialog was removed. Thanks here go out especially to Mike Connor and Mike Beltzner, Mozilla’s UI gurus, for helping us design what we think you’ll find to be a much more intuitive and easy to use dialog. (It’s also loads about 20-30% faster.)

We need your help to try and track down any regressions that these UI sync patches may have caused. Should you find such a regression, please file it as a new bug, but make it block the bug that created the UI sync. In the case of publishing this is Bug 323183 and for the event/task dialog, this is Bug 296893.

Full list of bugs fixed since the last update:

  • Bug 323183 – (Both) Unify publishing code between Sunbird and Lightning
  • Bug 296893 – (Both) Unify event/task dialog code between Lightning and Sunbird
  • Bug 322760 – (Sunbird) Connection settings pref window use wrong text
  • Bug 307685 – (Sunbird) Shrink Sunbird (and Calendar extension) download size
  • Bug 323273 – (Lightning) (regression fix) Context menus don’t appear for events in the views
  • Bug 321133 – (Sunbird) Preferences/Options should appear in the correct menu based on OS
  • Bug 323180 – (Both) Publish Remote Calendar should remember the last location used
  • Bug 323288 – (Sunbird – Mac only) Sunbird sometimes intercepts webpages that Firefox should load.
  • Bug 298349 – (Both) Events spanning multiple days only shown on the first day in day/week views
  • Bug 319557 – (Sunbird) Introduce support for hCalendar, use this when exporting as HTML (also improves printing output somewhat)
  • Bug 323665 – (Sunbird) Regression fix from Bug 307685
  • Bug 323809 – (Both) Regression fix from Bug 298349
  • Bug 321913 – (Both) Alarms don’t fire for people in GMT+6 or later timezones
  • Bug 322917 – (Sunbird) (new views regression fix) Category colors don’t work in day/week view
  • Bug 323731 – (Sunbird) Remove publishing preferences page
  • Bug 315959 – (Both) Improve speed for loading ics files
  • Bug 323976 [Security Fix]
  • Bug 321381 – (both) (new views regression fix) Views are not fully localizable
  • Bug 299847 – (Lightning) Alarm window will only pop up once per session

The new views regression tracking bug still has several bugs open on it. Other than that, there are no known regressions in Sunbird.
Bug 323477 has been identified as a Lightning regression as well.


  1. Thank you very much for providing a stable 0.2 Calendar Extension for TB 1.5! I have been desperately waiting for that, as I do not want to switch to an experimental and possibly unstable nightly, although I am looking forward to a stable version of Lightning!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. when will any stable version of Lightning be available?

  3. Hi guys, great job! I love calendar apps, your work rocks! keep up this great piece of code :)

  4. When entering a task, i think you should be able to maximize the window to see the desc box much bigger, so extra text/info can be added and added like outlook until the task is complete.

  5. shirish agarwal

    Hi guys,
    Thanx for your tremendous work. I would like to draw your attention to two things :-
    1. The site
    [quote]This page documents our goals and feature requirements for our upcoming releases. Since we currently lack active developers, no timeframe for upcoming releases can be given.[/quote] [site]
    When this is factually incorrect now then why is it still there?
    2. Nothing has been mentioned about the roadmap of Lightning which can be incorporated in FF as well TB. Thanx in advance

  6. Hi Guys,
    Many thanks for all your hard work on the calendar.
    —–1—-: Please can you provide some info on where the data I enter gets stored , where for Firefox and where for Thunderbird?- I’ve uninstalled calendar, but when I reinstall my own data is still there. —–2)— is there any way that the data I enter via Firefox plugin Calender gets also displayed when I open the Calender later with Thunderbird? —–3—– would it be possible for user to have an option which allows us to specify where we want the Calender Data to be stored?
    Many thanks for all your hard work

  7. Some responses to the comments:
    Radu, if by a “stable” Lightning you mean version 0.1, this is targeted for release sometime next month. That version, being 0.1, won’t be perfect, but we’re hoping to have it be something that basically works for daily use.
    clancy, in the latest nightly builds, there is a new event/task dialog that should allow you to expand the description field.
    shirish, (1) Please file a bug in Bugzilla. This is the best way to alert the website maintainer of the problem. (2) As dmose mentioned in a previously blog post, we’re still trying to sort out our browser integration story. This may or may not involve adding Lightning to Firefox in some form. If you have suggestions for how this might prove useful, you may want to comment on that post.
    hock, the mozillazine forums (specifically the Calendar forum) are the best place to ask these sort of support questions.