Status Update (12 Jan)

The following bugs have had fixes checked in for them since the last Status Update.

  • Bug 319701 – (Both) Move Lightning to the decorated views and tidy up some flex/resizing issues
  • Bug 321898 – (Both) Right-clicking on minimonth also displays dropdowns instead of just context menus
  • Bug 293192 – (Lightning) Make sure clicking on a folder in the tree always returns to mail-view
  • Bug 322230 – (Both) Add a service to return datetimes into various ‘pretty’ formats
  • Bug 322272 – (Both) Disable the R button until view rotation works better
  • Bug 322859 – (Both) ‘Organizer’ property lost when items are cloned/edited
  • Bug 281935 – (Sunbird) First step towards a better localized build story
  • Bug 322095 – (Sunbird) Allow selection of single instances of repeating events
  • Bug 306692 – (Sunbird) ‘Open calendar file’ does nothing.
  • Bug 323057 – (Both) Fix javascript warnings in the new views
  • Bug 321563 – (Both) Day and week view don’t always show early events

There are still several bugs open on the new views regression list. Other than that, there are no known regressions in Sunbird. One of these bugs, Bug 321769 is also a regression in Lightning.


  1. mario maldonado

    I would like to see what is it about

  2. Hey, when is available Calendar to Thunderbird/Firefox version 1.5?

  3. Hey, when is available Calendar to Thunderbird/Firefox version 1.5 FOR LINUX?

  4. The Products Didnot get a good review !

    I’m using Mac OsX Version 10.4.4 The Weblogs morillazine. org and MacWorld readers agree that they are putting this informatiuo out before it is realy tested
    It realy screwed up my way ofDoing e-mail and I’m doing it delete it
    Tanhs but no thanks
    John Spautz (

  5. I installed the latest nightly, But I am unable to uninstall it from firefox extensions. It says it will be removed when firefox restarts, but it hasn’t yet after several restarts.
    Any way to manually remove the entry from the extension list?

  6. Nevermind. Seems that firefox wasn’t shutting completely down. I had to go to windows task manager to manualy shut windows down. Maybe that’s a bug, or maybe it had nothing to do with calendar.

  7. Responding to Andrew, I’ve had firefox do that a couple times to me as well, that is not completely shutting down unless you manually end the process in task manager. When it happened to me it was unrelated to calendar as far as I know.

  8. I’d love to be able to start seeing nightlies in TB 1.5 as well…

  9. Installed Sunbird 0.3 to test with our campus implementation of Oracle Colaboration Suite’s Calendar. Can not find any setup instructions anywhere on how to connect the two. Is functionality with OCS planned in Sunbird?