Calendar extension for Firefox 1.5 and Seamonkey 1.0beta

Calendar developer Mostafah Hosseini has released an experimental Windows build of the Calendar extension for Mozilla Firefox 1.5 and Seamonkey 1.0 beta. You can find it on our download page. Please note that this is an experimental build may still contain some bugs.

At the moment there is no Calendar extension available for Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5 RC2, but we hope to have the extension and a version of Lightning ready once Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5 is released.


  1. Ricardo Palomares

    That’s good news! However, the blog post does not mention that the XPIs are only for Windows.
    Any chance to get XPIs for Linux?

  2. Thank you! I’m trying to switch from my Outlook calendar to Mozilla Calendar. Your build takes me one step closer.

  3. And thanks to Mostafah Hosseini and the whole team too! :-)

  4. That’s great. The only problem is that it erases all your appointments while updating!!

  5. This is the greatest news I have gotten in 2006. After upgrading to FX 1.5, I kept watching at calendar project page. And now – after a happy weekend, I heard this news. Thanks for this release~~

  6. I just want to thank you guys working in the Calendar/Sunbird project. You guys are rockstars!!! I’m totally looking forward to new releases. If there’s anything those of us with no programming skills can do, let us know.

  7. Thank you! Please release something for ThunderBird 1.5, I am looking forward to replace Outl**k on my coleagues’ PC.

  8. Mozilla Calendar per Firefox 1.5

    Era ora! Finalmente il plugin Calendar è compatibile con Firefox 1.5.
    Questa prima beta sperimentale, funzionante solo su Windows, è stata rilasciata oggi per permettere a tutti gli utenti di dare un feedback agli sviluppatori. Il plugin pare funz…

  9. Hi,
    I’ve been waiting so hopefully for this release, but when I updated to FF1.5 and also updated the calendar I get the following Error in the calendar window.
    As downdating of FF1.5 seems not to work I fear having lost my hole calendar for a while…
    XML-Verarbeitungsfehler: Undefinierte Entit�t
    Adresse: chrome://calendar/content/calendar.xul
    Zeile Nr. 150, Spalte 3:

  10. Peter,
    this might be a problem with your German localization. I have heard a similar report in the German Mozilla newsgroup.
    As a workaround try to install the English Firefox 1.5.

  11. Thank you Simon,
    calendar now works but still cannot import the old calendar ics. is there a workaround too?

  12. Bravo calendar team!!! This is fantastic news. We’re currently using Thunderbird 1.0.7 w/ Calendar extension on our approx. 1000 teacher desktop machines. This will greatly help us in making the transition to 1.5 without any loss in functionality!

  13. Calendar extension for Firefox 1.5 and Seamonkey 1.0beta

  14. Calendar extension for Firefox 1.5 and Seamonkey 1.0beta

  15. I saw the following error dialog and the calender extension did not work for me.
    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.8) Gecko/20051111 Firefox/1.5 ID:2005111116
    XML Parsing Error: undefined entity
    Location: chrome://calendar/content/calendar.xul
    Line Number 150, Column 3:

  16. Well, TB 1.5 is already here… Let’s hope for lightning to strike soon…;)

  17. Mostafa Hosseini

    Someone reported on IRC that the FF 1.5 experimental xpi works on TB 1.5 too. I haven’t been able to verify myself so give it a try. It might just work.
    Also I’ve taken a shot at making the old xpi (which is based on sunbird 0.2 code) install on FF 1.5 and TB 1.5. There were some obvious glitches that I managed to fix but there might be some more. If you’re willing to stay with the old xpi while the new one gets more mature give it a try:
    Note 1:
    I had to edit the chrome.manifest file in my FF profile directory to get the calendar to display in English.
    (I added the following line:)
    locale calendar en-US jar:chrome/calendar-en-US.jar!/locale/en-US/calendar/
    It seems that only tr-TR and de-AT were registered properly so you might need to do that too.
    Note 2:(important)
    The old xpi is based on old code which is not supported anymore. If you find bugs, first try to reproduce it on sunbird nightlies. If the bug exists on sunbird nightlies there’s a good chance it’s already logged. Still, don’t give up, query bugzilla and if you don’t see that bug reported, then open a new bug for it. Otherwise if you determine that the problem is specific to the xpi you are trying (version 0.2) don’t log a bug. It won’t be worked on. You can however post to the newsgroup or the forums. Other users might see the same problem and find a workaround for it.

  18. I installed Calender for FF 1.5, but my alarms aren’t popping up at all..
    Wasn’t sure where exactly to get answers…

  19. Confirmed, the “experimental xpi (0.3a1) does work on TB1.5″… It is “Mozilla Calendar”, I was hoping for an integrated “Lightning” that does it’s thing on the same TB window, not on a separate one like the Moz Calendar…
    I think it’s only a matter of time…Currently the nightly I tried (that doesn’t work) is 0.0.1 xpi for windows.

  20. Hi. Tried it for windows and firefox 1.5, for a second. After I closed it using the upper-right “x” button, I couldn’t get it to open ever again. I only tried through my Tools menu (couldn’t think of any other way to try) I uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times and that didn’t seem to help.
    Anyway, not a complaint, as I realize y’all are still working out the kinks. Just wanted to call the problem to your attention, as I’m really looking forward to this extension’s full release.

  21. Thanks a lot for posting the 0.2 version of 20060112!
    I First tried the 0.1 version of 20060106 linked from the calendar web-site and that didnt read my existing calendar ics file.
    Now the 0.2 version works just fine and has my old calendar entries.
    You actually prevented me from switching back to my old TB 1.0.x version …..

  22. tried both of the new versions on TB1.5 – no errors on install but after restarting TB it’s not there and if i look in Extensions it still says “Mozilla Calendar will be upgr…”(…aded after the next restart?)

  23. HI great work but its broke.
    I was using firefox calendar then updated firefox to 1.5 (without realising it broke calendar):( very annoyed.
    I have a winxp and linux pc at work and a winxp and linux pc at home and the calendar needs to work with all. I dont have webdav and so was simply emailing or sshing files around hoping to one day get rsync or something to work.
    problem is now I cant import from linux ver of calendar(which is now the only pc with an up2date cal) to the new winxp fire fox.. not sure what version of firefox ubuntu is running…what a mess. it imports with no warnings but nothing appears on the calendar.