Jan 11

Lightning Mac/Linux 64 bit nightlys are here!

After a fair amount of duplicates (19 as of now!), we finally have the hardware set up so we can provide Linux 64 bit nightlys on Trunk. On a related note, we now provide mixed x86/mac64 nightlys for the Mac OSX Platform, in turn we have dropped support for PowerPC.

After Thunderbird started providing nightly 64 bit builds it was time to follow. Unfortunately, our Mac builder was a G5 with a PowerPC processor, which doesn’t support OSX 10.6. Thanks to Mozilla Messaging, we have now received a new mac and linux builder with 64 bit support.

Also I’d like to thank gozer from Mozilla Messaging for setting things up for us. Thanks to him, we now have the builders running comm-central (Thunderbird 3.3 Alpha compatible) builds.

You can get the new builds here, they are compatible with the current Thunderbird nightlys from comm-central:

If you are looking for Thunderbird 3.1.x compatible nightly builds, you can get them as usual from here.

Jan 11

Dear Link Spammers, you can stop spamming now!

Hello Folks,

Just a minor change, hopefully it works as expected! I have found out how to modify the blog to remove the URL field when commenting. Adding spam urls to the comment text will still cause the junk filter to react, so we should be safe.

I hope this will cut down the amount of spam on the calendar blog, if not immediately then maybe in the long run.

Jan 11

Happy New Year from the Calendar Website Team

Dear Calendar community,

2010 has been a great year for us all; we’ve come up with some nice
releases: Lightning 1.0b1 and 1.0b2. The developers have created lots of
stunning features and improved the application stability, performance and the
memory consumption. The second beta allows the users to print out the tasks and
to set different start and end timezones for events and tasks. The developers have
been working really hard to code all features and integrate Lightning seamlessly into
the Thunderbird user interface.

Our download numbers were stable and lots of users have downloaded our software.
During this year we were posting blog posts that contain some download
statistics. Users have downloaded almost three million copies of Lightning this year and we couldn’t be more happy with it.

2010 was a really successful year and we’ve done lots of things. In this year three new members joined the Calendar Website Team, to make the Calendar Project’s website even better and to update all users by posting updates on this blog. We didn’t just release new versions and updates, but we also had lots of l10n-related changes. In the last quarter we also migrated all Lightning support-articles to the Mozilla Messaging Knowledgebase.

We’d like to thank you and all other users for downloading our software and for reading the blog posts.

This year will be another great year for the Calendar community which in turn contributes to the success of the Mozilla community.
We have achived lots of goals and we’d like to thank all the developers, contributors and members of the community. We’d also like to thank you and all of the other users for downloading our software and for reading the blog posts.

We wish you, your family and your friends all the best for 2011.

–The Calendar Website Team
(Tobias Markus, Tom Ellins, Jan Bambach)