Nov 06

December 5th TestDay

You have probably heard by now that several of Sun’s OpenOffice team are helping with the Sunbird/Lightning effort. What have they been doing, exactly? Well, come to this test day and find out. We will be testing the new event dialog user interfaces and free/busy support that the Sun folks have been primarily responsible for. We should also be able to do some testing against the Sun Java calendar server (WCAP). Join us as we delve into this brand new functionality. We need lots of eyes, not only do we want to find defects, but we also want to ensure that the new interfaces are clear, intuitive and user friendly.

The Test Day wiki page will be landing today in its normal location.

Remember you can always find ways to help out by checking out our Calendar QA ToDo List

We look forward to seeing you on December 5th.

— Calendar QA Team

Nov 06

Sunbird/Lightning status update (Nov 30)

Hi guys,
again it’s been three weeks since our last status update, so it is really time for another update. Here’s the list of fixed bugs since the last status update:

  • Bug 362000: Makes AUS/Prefwindow &brandShortName localizable
  • Bug 330371: add and implement calIPeriod
  • Bug 360674: implement zoom-feature for free/busy grid
  • Bug 360259: timezone-support does not work as advertised
  • Bug 360117: autoexpand freebusy-grid to 24hrs
  • Bug 329035: calendar view refresh() operation has re-entrancy problems
  • Bug 361900: Add nb-NO (Norwegian bokmål) to all-locales
  • Bug 341971: Adds AUS update checking to Sunbird
  • Bug 361204: Fixes line endings and lack of license text
  • Bug 349228: Use appropriate observers in comparison in CalDAV
  • Bug 359961: attendee list has some usability issues
  • Bug 360991: Migrator: Welcome screen displays message text twice and does not wrap this
  • Bug 357579: Clean out unused entities
  • Bug 361108: Make compareItems() actually compare different things
  • Bug 360696: Strict warning fixes and typo fixes
  • Bug 343793: Edit title immediately after creating event via drag-n-drop
  • Bug 349586: Offer automatic migration of data in Sunbird 0.2, iCal.app, and Evolution
  • Bug 356740: Makes NSIS installer remove more obsolete files during install
  • Bug 357147: cloned proxies forget about attendee list

A big ‘Thank you’ goes out to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters. As a sidenote I also want to point you to the “Rumbling Edge” blog, which as of now also carries progress reports about the latest bugfixes in Sunbird and Lightning.

Nov 06

Results from November 14 Test Day

On November 14th, we had a very successful test day. We ran 179 Litmus test cases, we pounded the new Migration wizard functionality and we beta tested our new Testday bot, calbot.

Thanks very much to everyone that helped out, especially Matthaeus123 who ran 173 of those Litmus testcases! Thanks also to everyone that wrestled with the migration wizard code: Sebo, Ssitter, Koen, Unlogic, Nor123, Celina63, Jminta, Lilmatt, Mc, Mat75, and Matthaeus123. Thanks also to xFallenAngel for his calbot bot.

We found several issues in the migration wizard code, and even rebuilt the patch to fix dead-broke issues halfway through the test day. Next time we have a test day focused on brand new functionality, we will ensure the functionality is smoke-tested prior to the test day. We are also going to change the times for the test day so that the day better corresponds to when the nightly builds run. This should help clear some confusion surrounding “which build do I test with”. Thanks again to everyone that participated. We’re going to take a week off from test days, so we can make these changes. Our next test day will be December 5th. We’ll see you on the 5th!

Happy Testing.

Nov 06

Interview on Lightning and OpenOffice.org cooperation

I would like to point you to an interview that Louis Suárez-Potts, chair and secretary of the OpenOffice.org community council, held with Stephan Schaefer, the lead developer from Sun who is leading Sun’s efforts on improving Lightning. It gives a good overview on the background and future plans of Sun’s involvement.


Nov 06

Sunbird/Lightning status update (Nov 8)

Well, it’s been quite a while since our last status update. Since the last update on the 30th of September we have released Sunbird and Lightning 0.3 and everyone was pretty exhausted after the release crunch. But now almost everybody is back on board and we’re going with full steam towards the 0.5 release, which we are currently planning to release in January. So here’s the (quite long) list of fixed bugs since the last status update:

  • Bug 202620: Make Alarms box biff the icon
  • Bug 232202: Checking ‘done’ checkbox in Tasks sidebar scrolls to top of listbox
  • Bug 310258: Adds ‘Show completed tasks’ to Lightning
  • Bug 322386: Views need to send all event creation/modification/deletion through the calICalendarViewController
  • Bug 324657: implementation according specification > http://wiki.mozilla.org/Calendar:SMB_Event_Dialog
  • Bug 326746: support ‘noon’ and ‘midnight’ in the timepicker
  • Bug 332063: Adds week printing option
  • Bug 340195: Adds printing for Lightning
  • Bug 340477: add bold styling to the ‘header’ rows in the agenda-tree-view
  • Bug 345469: Add images for branded wizards
  • Bug 345643: Changes date format used in views to honour locale’s month/day order
  • Bug 346934: Unify Sunbird/Lightning item creation/modification code
  • Bug 348110: Add ICS document icons for Sunbird
  • Bug 349715: Make alarm handling less strict, fallback to date/due date
  • Bug 350406: Moves items common to Sb and Ln to a common jar.mn
  • Bug 351031: Fixes wrong aligned date in month printout
  • Bug 351860: Monthly grid unnecessarily appends second month when first day of week is set to Monday
  • Bug 352005: Adds view source support to Sunbird. configure.in change
  • Bug 353007: Wraps long event titles in week view
  • Bug 353437: Localize file filter label for Alarm dialog
  • Bug 353999: Fix misaligned event boxes due to rounding errors
  • Bug 354454: “revised login code; fixing problems with wrong protocols and https probing”
  • Bug 354845: Removes unneeded cruft from timezone picker that broke it after changes were made in XUL’s menulist
  • Bug 355225: Remove old unneeded files when upgrading
  • Bug 355295: Lightning gets its own release notes
  • Bug 355304: Include exceptions when exporting to ics
  • Bug 355577: add index to properties table, to speed up item construction
  • Bug 355600: Uncomment some necessary stuff for repackaging l10n on win32
  • Bug 356183: Prevents CalDAV provider from throwing on VTODO retrieval
  • Bug 356249: Year in printout is not changed when entering the new year
  • Bug 356261: Removes default prefs for wcap
  • Bug 356496: Makes LOG() also work with string primitives
  • Bug 356637: Lose old dayplanner icon
  • Bug 356722: Fix lightning by using same jar layout as sunbird
  • Bug 357027: Sets control property of two titles to the checkbox rather than the datepicker
  • Bug 357252: make parsing quoted timezone ids work, and don’t cut ics values at commas when there can be only one value
  • Bug 357458: Adds alert (and quits) if we find a db with a schema version number > what we know how to deal with
  • Bug 357481: Fixes typo in storage provider that prevents viewing of todos in floating tz
  • Bug 358511: Adds ifdef MOZ_EXTENSIONS to build.mk so DOMi builds
  • Bug 358542: Fixes calls to nsIStreamLoader to comply with changes in Bug 281153
  • Bug 358578: Removes reference to nsTransferable.js from customizeToolbar.xul
  • Bug 358688: Moves view widths and heights to CSS
  • Bug 358775: Adds calWeekPrinter.js to Windows builds
  • Bug 359016: JavaScript error current item is not defined
  • Bug 359530: Fixes typo that makes ‘Use Master Password’ checkbox work

A big ‘Thank you’ goes out to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters.

Nov 06

November 14 Testday

The calendar developers are working hard toward the next Lightning/Sunbird release, landing several new features in recent weeks. These features include a migration wizard (automatically imports calendar data from Apple iCAL and Gnome Evolution!), improved printing capabilities, and improved ability to handle third-party application timezone definitions.

The Calendar-QA team plans to celebrate these new features with an entire test day focused specifically on the new functionality, and we’d love for you to join us. The test day will be on November 14, from 01:00 (UTC) to November 15, 00:00 (UTC), that’s 23 full hours of testing. For this test day, we will be returning to our Litmus Testing System, so it will be very easy for everyone to contribute. Please refer to the test day wiki for more information.

Additionally, the Calendar-QA team has already begun planning for our next test day. If you’d like to help out with that effort, please drop by the #calendar-qa (irc://irc.mozilla.org#calendar-qa) channel this week and let us know.

We hope to see you in #calendar-qa on November 14th.

Nov 06

Oct. 31 Test Day results

The Calendar QA Team had a successful test day on Tuesday.

  • 57 total bugs addressed
  • 3 new bugs found

We were able to confirm about 20 bugs, and we addressed (asked for more information, reassigned components, works for me, verified fixes etc) over 30 bugs. In the course of the day, we found 3 new bugs.

Thanks to everyone that helped out. The list of helpers has gotten so long, I’m sure I’ll miss someone, and I apologize. But, thanks to: jminta, lilmatt, ssitter, celina63, sebo, nightrat, xfallenangel for moderating and helping set up the test day. Thanks also to all the folks that participated: lambert, mad-max, worzel, mc, mschroeder, unlogic, koen, damian, mattheus123.

Congratulations to our Winners!

Once again, our friends at Linpro AS have agreed to sponsor the prizes for the test day. This was a close race and we
nearly had a tie, but the winners are:

  • mschroeder
  • damian

Thanks to everyone that helped out, and I look forward to seeing you at our next test day on November 14th.