Sunbird/Lightning status update (Nov 30)

Hi guys,
again it’s been three weeks since our last status update, so it is really time for another update. Here’s the list of fixed bugs since the last status update:

  • Bug 362000: Makes AUS/Prefwindow &brandShortName localizable
  • Bug 330371: add and implement calIPeriod
  • Bug 360674: implement zoom-feature for free/busy grid
  • Bug 360259: timezone-support does not work as advertised
  • Bug 360117: autoexpand freebusy-grid to 24hrs
  • Bug 329035: calendar view refresh() operation has re-entrancy problems
  • Bug 361900: Add nb-NO (Norwegian bokmål) to all-locales
  • Bug 341971: Adds AUS update checking to Sunbird
  • Bug 361204: Fixes line endings and lack of license text
  • Bug 349228: Use appropriate observers in comparison in CalDAV
  • Bug 359961: attendee list has some usability issues
  • Bug 360991: Migrator: Welcome screen displays message text twice and does not wrap this
  • Bug 357579: Clean out unused entities
  • Bug 361108: Make compareItems() actually compare different things
  • Bug 360696: Strict warning fixes and typo fixes
  • Bug 343793: Edit title immediately after creating event via drag-n-drop
  • Bug 349586: Offer automatic migration of data in Sunbird 0.2,, and Evolution
  • Bug 356740: Makes NSIS installer remove more obsolete files during install
  • Bug 357147: cloned proxies forget about attendee list

A big ‘Thank you’ goes out to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters. As a sidenote I also want to point you to the “Rumbling Edge” blog, which as of now also carries progress reports about the latest bugfixes in Sunbird and Lightning.


  1. My continued thanks to the developers working on this project goes out. How will Vista’s inclusion of a calendaring program affect Lightning if at all?

  2. I recently switched from Thunderbird and Sunbird to Outlook 2007 because of the very slow development of Thunderbird and Sunbird.
    I have used Thunderbird and Sunbird for over 2 years but I could not really see any progress. And I don’t believe in a HTML/Javascript Calendar. You need to much work for to less output. The whole mozilla architecture is crap. For example it’s quite ridiculous that they need so much time just to develop a bookmark management for firefox. And I’m sorry to say, Outlook 2007 is far superior to Thunderbird/Lightning.