December 5th TestDay

You have probably heard by now that several of Sun’s OpenOffice team are helping with the Sunbird/Lightning effort. What have they been doing, exactly? Well, come to this test day and find out. We will be testing the new event dialog user interfaces and free/busy support that the Sun folks have been primarily responsible for. We should also be able to do some testing against the Sun Java calendar server (WCAP). Join us as we delve into this brand new functionality. We need lots of eyes, not only do we want to find defects, but we also want to ensure that the new interfaces are clear, intuitive and user friendly.

The Test Day wiki page will be landing today in its normal location.

Remember you can always find ways to help out by checking out our Calendar QA ToDo List

We look forward to seeing you on December 5th.

— Calendar QA Team



  1. The Calendar Test Day wiki for the December 5th test day is live. You can check it out here:

  2. Great testing day… Hope i can join the next time again!