Results from November 14 Test Day

On November 14th, we had a very successful test day. We ran 179 Litmus test cases, we pounded the new Migration wizard functionality and we beta tested our new Testday bot, calbot.

Thanks very much to everyone that helped out, especially Matthaeus123 who ran 173 of those Litmus testcases! Thanks also to everyone that wrestled with the migration wizard code: Sebo, Ssitter, Koen, Unlogic, Nor123, Celina63, Jminta, Lilmatt, Mc, Mat75, and Matthaeus123. Thanks also to xFallenAngel for his calbot bot.

We found several issues in the migration wizard code, and even rebuilt the patch to fix dead-broke issues halfway through the test day. Next time we have a test day focused on brand new functionality, we will ensure the functionality is smoke-tested prior to the test day. We are also going to change the times for the test day so that the day better corresponds to when the nightly builds run. This should help clear some confusion surrounding “which build do I test with”. Thanks again to everyone that participated. We’re going to take a week off from test days, so we can make these changes. Our next test day will be December 5th. We’ll see you on the 5th!

Happy Testing.



  1. What can I say. I have a lot of free time on my hands.

  2. was 123 your previous record, matthaeus?

  3. what kind of testing day will Dec. be?

  4. Hi matthaeus123,
    I imagine we will be testing new features on December 5th. It just depends on what lands between now and then. Stay tuned, I’ll be posting about it later in the week.