String freeze for the upcoming Lightning/Sunbird 1.0beta release on June 23

It’s been a long time, but it seems that we’re finally getting near to a new release. Yay!

Philipp tells me, that we now have only five open bugs on the blocking list that are needed for the 1.0 beta release. All of those bugs have no localization impact, which means that we are ready for a string freeze.

We will therefore freeze all application strings by tomorrow, Wednesday, June 23 at 23:59 PST. That means that all strings will then be entirely frozen until we release Lightning and Sunbird 1.0beta. I will open up a separate opt-in thread for localizers in the newsgroup soon.

One additional note to localizers:
Please take a close look at the status of your tinderbox (at where “locale” must be replaced with your locale code (e.g. es-ES or de). I’ve seen some locales having a red Windows tinderbox (and therefore broken Windows builds), because those locales didn’t follow this change to our installer strings. Please check if this applies to you and make the necessary changes.

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