Project Calendar

To make it easier to keep up with what’s currently happening in the project, we have added a public-readable project calendar to this blog, which you can subscribe to if you want.

This calendar is accessible in two ways:

  • As an iCalendar file (to which you can directly subscribe to from Sunbird or Lightning)
  • As a public readable webcalendar available via Google Calendar

I think that you will concur, that it was long overdue, that our project, which develops open source calendar software, has a public readable project calendar.


  1. Joshua Cromer

    I know it’s the wrong thread, but do you or are you working on a version of sunbird, that would allow me to transfer my calander to my smartphone? That would be a HUGE thing for me, and I say for many others.. Even those who have PDA’s..

  2. I can’t believe none of y’all had thought about using Google calendar before I mentioned it

  3. How exactly do I subscribe to this (remote) calendar? Sofar the only option is to import calender data.greetings, Mel

  4. Joshua,
    PDA sync is probably the first item on our user wishlist, but it is not easy to do right.
    Therefore we are currently concentrating on streamlining our UI and making our existing features work correctly until we reach our 1.0 release.
    After we release 1.0 we will probably start working on PDA synchronization.

  5. Melchert,
    in Sunbird you can subscribe to this calendar file by using the
    File -> Subscribe to remote calendar… menuitem

  6. And how do I subscribe in Lightning?

  7. @big_surfer
    In Lightning use File -> New -> Calendar; type is remote / iCalendar and fill in the url to existing calendar.

  8. Hello, everybody.
    I have a suggestion for Sunbird, that is: adding a “tag” function into it.
    The purpose of the “tag” is to keep track of the Task.
    This is similar to the Blog Tag, as used in Blogger, WordPress, etc.
    And this is for both Task and Event.

  9. @ssitter
    works fine!

  10. Maybe a stupid question, but how can i subscribe my own google calendar in sunbird/lightning? i have no clue where to find the url to the ics file. :-(

  11. In the stupid question category, what is the advantage of using this over google calendar?

  12. How do you unsubscribe from a calendar in Lightning?

  13. 1) in google-calendar go to settings – calendar – share this calendar – calendar-details. You’ll find the url to the ics, xml and html-files.
    2) google-calendar is a web-based application, sunbird is a standalone application so there’s no comparisson. Personally I don’t like the mail-interface of google (call me old-fashioned) but I do like to have my calendar in my mail -app like Thunderbird/Lightning provides. Also, sharing calendars is much easier when you stay within your network and it much quicker. You can have a task-list in Sunbird/Lightning which isn’t possible in google. Just to name a few advantages.
    3) just select the calendar in the left-bottom (press the calendar-tab) and press delete. This should unsubsribe you.

  14. well, nice tool, but the room in thundebird is very limited, so it’s really necessary to be able to switch the view of lightning on and off , without having it to disable completely.
    maybe it’s possible to integrate this in the upcoming 0.5-version?

  15. @human?
    Just collapse the sidebar to the bottom or try the ltnToggler extension [].

  16. Hi,
    I like the ability of lighting to handle todos, but…
    In the views, they are shown on all the days from the starting date until the due date, even if the todo has already been completed.
    So imho it would make more sense not to show in until the due date, but to the day it was completed.
    Thank you for Lighting!