QA Functional Testing Begins Monday

Test Day Report

We’ve had two test days since my last post: one on March 20 and the other back on March 6. Both of these were great days. We had hundreds of Litmus Cases run, found several new bugs. Skuribay won the test day on March 6 and Thorn won the test day on March 20. Congratulations to you both!

Function Testing Begins!

As you can see on our new project calendar, Functional Testing for the 0.5 release will begin on Monday, March 26. We need folks to start running through the FFT (Full Functional Tests) in Litmus for both Sunbird and Lightning builds. Please help us cover as many OS’s (windows XP, windows Vista, Mac OS X, Linux flavors etc) as we can on these tests. It is important for us to find as many bugs as we can before the string freeze as possible, so that the localizers have solid builds to work with.

We will be also holding a “Hard Core QA Session”. This will be from noon UTC to 16:00 UTC on Wednesday March 28. We’ll be working on QA Wanted and QA Discussion Needed bugs, to clear those out. Should we finish that, we’ll work on functional testing of some of the newer components and features that have landed.

This is a great chance for folks to drop by and help with some of the core issues of bug triage and deep testing. We’ll be holding several sessions like this in the coming days. Working with the QA Wanted and difficult defects will give you insight into how best to track and find issues, which will help you win test days and make the calendar code more robust.

It is time to ensure that we release the best possible product we can for 0.5, and that begins right now. We need to amplify the QA on Calendar. So, turn up your favorite music, download a nightly, and see how badly you can break it. If you find an unreported issue, drop us a bug.

I’ll see you in #calendar-qa. Happy Testing.

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