Additional strings need localization

Hi guys,
in our release planning schedule we communicated, that we would have a string freeze on the 12th of March. Unfortunately we had to break this string freeze to take the fix for a pretty serious bug.

It’s always bad when a string freeze is broken, but this can happen with tight schedules, when patches for serious bugs arrive pretty late. Please take this as an apology from the developers. We would have wished to avoid this, but we hope that you will be able to localize the additional
seven strings.


  1. I’m not able to install the latest lightning nightly on my Macbook pro OSX 10.4.9, Intel).
    Any ideas when universal builds would become available?

  2. sorry if my post is not in the right place …
    do you have any news concerning the upcoming of thunderbird 2.0 RC ? can’t find any information about it …

  3. @aadis
    For the last 0.3.1 release the universal version of Lightning was repacked manually. I don’t know for sure but it might be possible that this still needs to be done manually for the next release too.
    Try your luck over in the Thunderbird forum at mozillaZine, e.g. the post ”
    Thunderbird 2 RC Test Day March 30th 7am – 5pm PDT“.

  4. @ssitter
    The issue then I have is that even if I want to help test, I can’t. Can anyone test it out on intel macs?

  5. @aadis
    You can set Thunderbird to open in Rosetta so you can test Lightning/PPC. Select Thunderbird in the Finder, and click File > Get Info.
    Once we have frozen the bits that will make up Lightning 0.5, we’ll do a manual x86 build, and hand-pack them together to make a “Universal” extension.
    I put Universal in quotes since it isn’t a Universal build in the sense that both architectures are packaged in one binary file. Instead, the architectures are separate, but are packaged side by side in the .xpi archive. In fact, we could also include the Linux and Windows versions in the same .xpi.