0.5 Progress Report

We’re continuing our march towards the 0.5 release. We’re a little behind the previously posted schedule, as we’ve still got some blockers left to resolve. However, we’re still in a code and string freeze state, except for the remaining blockers. Any checkins unrelated to those blockers need to be approved by myself or mvl before landing.
Once we have these last few bugs squashed, we’ll post an updated schedule for performing fully functional tests (FFTs) and for testing release candidates (RCs).
Thank you for your continued patience, support, testing and bug reporting. With your help 0.5 can be our most solid release yet.


  1. Would you consider putting bug 359443 on your blockers list, please. This goes a long way explaining the loss of a couple of messages I was certain to have…

  2. I’m wondering if the lightining will have a connection to a oracle calendar (network calendar)
    btw as always great job :)

  3. When will a WCAP Mac Intel version for Lightning be available?

  4. Major kudos to your team for the implementation of the GDATA protocol that allows two-way interaction with Google Calendar. Are there plans in upcoming releases to further integrate the “Reminder” feature between Google and Lightning so that a local reminder pops up as well as the normal gMail reminder from Google?
    Thanks for the EXCELLENT work you guys have done!