Status update (15 March)

Hi guys,
we’re coming closer to the 0.5 every day and more and more bugfixes and new features make their way into our codebase. The two most notable items in the last week were support for working hours and the addition of iTIP/iMIP support. With all the new stuff going in, it would be great if you could help us test all the new features on the upcoming testday. But finally here’s the list of fixed bugs since the last status update:

  • Bug 325641:
    implement per-calendar id
  • Bug 327930:
    when using getItems() LAST-MODIFIED property should actually represent the last mtime
  • Bug 334423:
    Ensures comparison is done against unescaped URL
  • Bug 334685:
    Add iTIP/iMIP support
  • Bug 343173:
    Use stringbundle helpers for import-export.
  • Bug 349520:
    working hours for calendar-multiday-view
  • Bug 350319:
    Fix js strict warning in getStyleSheet
  • Bug 352667:
    After deleting calendar the last calendar in list is not displayed
  • Bug 353497:
    Tie Lightning’s ‘Options’ button in the add-on manager to its prefpane
  • Bug 355270:
    Cosmo interoperability fixes
  • Bug 358110:
    Register Sunbird to handle .ICS files on Mac
  • Bug 358803:
    integrate lightning’s printing with thunderbird’s print command
  • Bug 369084:
    missing thunderbird integration for undo/redo
  • Bug 369885:
    View fails on repeating events with modified occurrences
  • Bug 369920:
    iMIP bar not displayed in standalone message window
  • Bug 369928:
    Make ‘x items failed to import. The last error was: foo’ localizable
  • Bug 370079:
    better wording of error messages when import fails with a common error
  • Bug 370836:
    Adds more descriptive date to title bar in day view
  • Bug 372014:
    Unify Lightning and Sunbird preference code
  • Bug 372993:
    Fix error when attempt to uncheck proxy settings
  • Bug 373073:
    Make calItipProcessor Stateless
  • Bug 373221:
    Fixes wrong bgcolor for ‘Include these days in workweek’ on Windows
  • Bug 373306:
    Fix alignment of labels when using annual recurrence
  • Bug 373380:
    Adding initial iTIP invitation support
  • Bug 373395:
    Rename ‘General’ pane of preferences to prevent namespace collisions with Fx/Tb
  • Bug 373530:
    Add missing accesskey to General prefs tab
  • Bug 373643:
    Remove references to

A huge ‘Thanks’ goes out to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters. Keep up the good work!


  1. Hello,
    why aren’t there any updates since march, 8th for the Trunk builds (for Thunderbird 3.0)for Windows?

  2. @Pierre
    Sunbird/Lightning Windows Trunk build server requires a Python installation/upgrade to fix the tinderbox bustage (Bug 373248).

  3. Is Sunbird/Lightning being developed on trunk or 1.8 branch?

  4. @Shawn
    We cross-commit everything onto 1.8 and trunk, so both. Sunbird 0.3 and 0.3.1 were both released from trunk, while all releases of Lightning have been from the 1.8 branch. For stability reasons, Sunbird 0.5 will also be released from the 1.8 branch.

  5. Awesome. I’m working on a Growl extension for Firefox and Thunderbird, and was seriously considering supporting doing something for Calendar/Lightning as well. Since it’s on the 1.8 branch, that makes things a lot easier (I can keep all my code in one extension).
    If you are interested in more details, you can catch me on irc (sdwilsh), or e-mail me.

  6. Hello. Did the strings already freeze for 0.5 as planned in your development calendar? I am waiting to start updating the Slovenian translation, don’t want to rush before you finish with adding new strings.

  7. Hi miles,
    yes the string freeze is in effect.

  8. H�vard Korsvoll

    When will the nightly builds for mac osx version of lightning be updated? I see that the latest build is from march 9.

  9. I tried to download Lightening and it told me it wasn’t compatible with Firefox. Is that true? I would think that people who use Thunderbird would use Firefox.

  10. Toni,
    Lightning is not supported on Firefox. Therefore you’ll have to download the lightning.xpi file to your hard disk and install this .xpi file in Thunderbird in the extensions/addons dialog.

  11. hi, I have tranlated the Chinese Simplify version extend language,package, url link is :
    I don’t know where to upload it.

  12. @addiwang
    The zh-CN locale is already registered for Sunbird/Lightning localization but was not updated for the last few releases.
    I think it would be a good idea if you could contact the Chinese Localization Team. Maybe they can help you to update the zh-CN calendar localization in Mozilla CVS repository. This way it would be possible to automatically create zh-CN Sunbird builds for all platforms.

  13. Where would I ask a question about using the Gcal Provider extension? I can’t get it to work in either .5pre or .6a1. Is it working? Am I an idiot?

  14. mmh, thought I posted a comment last days, but can’t find it anywhere…
    just loaded one of the latest nightly builds to check, but no change to 0.31…
    so pleeeeeaaaase: implement either a button to switch calender-view on and off or make it possible to specify the position of lighting within thunderbird (I think, that’s more diffcult).
    my thunderbird-profile has got about 6 different mail-accounts and even without the contacts-sidebar-extension there’s not really much room for a calendar without having a chance to hide it at least temporaryly…
    so: pleeeeeeaaaase implemnt the button before freezing the code next days…
    many thanx!

  15. @human?
    Just collapse the Lightning sidebar to the bottom or use the ltnToggler extension.

  16. never seen this extension in public lists.
    many thanks!
    it works, even if a small lower- /upper-/close-button would be nice.

  17. Ok, Simon, I just entered bug 375315 with an attachment of all changed localization files for Slovenian. Please, also someone delete the obsolete file (it is not in the English CVS, so that probably means it shouldnt be in the Slovenian CVS).
    Thanks, m.