Sunbird generic branding now on by default

Starting with today’s nightly builds of Sunbird, we will be taking an approach much more similar to Firefox and Thunderbird’s nightly releases. That is, nightly builds of Sunbird will not carry with them the Sunbird name or icon, just as BonEcho does not carry Firefox’s name or icon. Instead, they will be called ‘Calendar’ and use a more generic icon. Prior to official releases, we will flip the switch that again renames the builds to their official name.
Please file bugs on any places in the application where you still see ‘Sunbird’ showing up after today.


  1. Why? It isn’t like calendar is close to ready for prime time.

  2. Bill Gianopoulos

    Well, isn’t that the entire point? Not to have it branded as official until it IS ready for prime time???

  3. It seems like waste of time and effort to remove and put back and remove and put back — instead of the cor work that really matters.

  4. Bob Example:
    It’s a trademarking issue, much like how nightlies of Firefox are named “Bon Echo” or “Minefield” and don’t use the “official” icon (the one with the animal).
    In addition, some Linux distributions have requested GPLed icons and branding to comply with their own licensing restrictions.
    Please see bug 309293 for more information.
    It’s only a one line change to enable/disable the branding when it is release time.

  5. Thunderbird 3.0a1 doesn’t have any diffrent name. Pretty much only firefox has a different name for the pre-releases.

  6. Matt,
    Thunderbird calls itself “Mail/News” except in the app icon.

  7. Thunderbird does have official branding off by default like Firefox, but all official nightlies have it turned on. If I remember correctly, the 1.1 alphas were branded “Thunderbird Alpha”, with the official logo.

  8. Sorry for changing the subject…
    But I haven’t seen anything on my 2 top requirements
    1) Will a snooze feature be implemented in the next release?
    2) Will double clicking a time slot create a new event at the selected time?

  9. talking about the alarm feature: it is not possible to use the alarm feature when using recurrent events. the alarm goes off immediately since it seems to consider the first occurrence only. that’s too bad, because only because something happens on a regular basis doesn’t mean I won’t forget about it ;)
    At least the alarm feature should be disabled then for recurrent events…

  10. Thanks for doing this … it makes live for distributors a lot of easier. We can now just strip the trademarks out of the sources and then redistribute it freely.