Toronto meeting

For those of you who don’t know, the calendar developers recently had a conference in Toronto to discuss the long term direction for the Sunbird and Lightning projects. We were fortunate that the majority of major contributors were able to attend. The meeting’s agenda included defining the set of users that we are explicitly targeting as well as brainstorming about the types of calendar-related tasks that likely are relevant to those users. Based off of this task list, we came up with a list of development areas that we feel are important to have in the 1.0 versions of these projects. You can find all of these documents linked from the original agenda for the conference. Your feedback on these documents would be greatly appreciated as well.


  1. Awesome.
    It’s very exciting to know that Calendar and lightning are progressing.

  2. I’d really love some proper synching with Nokia phones, or get a good coverage of the general phones out there. This would be a truly useful feature.
    Of course, taking away the dependencies on Thunderbird and Firefox for alarms and such, is priority too.
    Not sure if any of this has been resolved. Great news on the meetings though, nice to see more attention being payed.