[Reminder] Localization sign-off deadline for Lightning 1.0 beta2 is on May 24

As announced nine days ago, the sign-off deadline for Lightning 1.0 beta2, the Lightning release that will accompany Thunderbird 3.1 is on May 24th at 23:59 pacific time.

Right now the picture looks like this:

  • 22 locales have already signed-off
  • 7 locales are green on the dashboard but have not yet signed off for their locale
  • 1 locale is orange on the dashboard indicating that some obsolete strings still need to be removed or commented out
  • Of the remaining 14 locales, many have only a limited amount of missing strings to catch-up. So it would be great if those locales could still join us

I will contact every locale that has not yet signed off their locale individually as well, so that everyone is aware of the current status.


  1. Thunderbird 3.1 is great but one more time we must wait lightning composant to be ready to use it.
    Please tell us when localized versions will be ready !

  2. @TC Thunderbird 3.1 final isn’t even out yet…

  3. I’d like to replace my use of Outlook with Lightning. Two features that are necessary for me are:
    (1) ability to synchronize calendar with my Palm T/X
    (2) ability to print weekly view of calendar.
    Does Lightning have these features yet?