New Sunbird release really close

The next Sunbird release, named Sunbird 0.3a2, is really close. The list of blocker bugs is empty. That means that all that’s still needed now is some last minute testing. We need your help for this!

Check out the release notes, download a build (windows, linux, mac), and do some testing. Use it, see if it works. The builds won’t identify as 0.3a2 yet, but they should be really close.

Thanks everybody for making the next sunbird happen! That includes the developers, the testers and everybody else who helped.


    Daylight savings time is still an issue under linux with the Apr 10 release. I can’t check the windows release until tomorrow.
    Items displayed in the calendar with an 7 am start time also indicate 7 am in the tooltip, but when you edit the event it shows 8 am.
    Alarms are triggered on the time in the dialog, but the popup displays the time shown in the calendar. That is an alarm entered at 8 am in the dialog, displays in the calendar as 7 am, but gets triggered at 8am and shown as 7am in the popup.

  2. Successes:
    A) At first startup, calendar Home is open. Created an event for tomorrow morning, with 15 minute alarm.
    B) check preferences, Time zone was already set to Amsterdam (from 0.2!?).
    C) open existing calendar created by the Calendar extension (v0.2) in Thunderbird:
    – Set to read-only. OK.
    – Task warning given. OK.
    Multiweek set to 3 weeks + 1 week previous in prefs:
    Multiweek display has a dynamic title that spans 4 weeks, 15-18 (OK), but only 3 weeks, from April 3 are shown: week from April 24 is missing (NOK).
    regards, M.
    (on MacOS 10.3.9)

  3. Does anyone know if this “…0.3a1+….dmg” download for mac is a universal binary and works natively on the new Intel macs? I hear the Mac/Intel Universal binary tinderbox is going now… If not, will the 0.3a2 DMG be a universal binary?

  4. There is still the UTF8 bug i see, calenders (.ics) that worked fine in 0.2 and uses some “foreign” chars doesnt open in 0.3, you get an CAL_UTF8_DECODING_FAILED error box.

  5. @Melchert
    You have set the total number of weeks to 3 including 1 previous week. The view displays this correct but the title is wrong. See Bug 333372.
    Sunbird 0.3a1+ is more standard compliance than Sunbird 0.2 therefore the error.

  6. I have the same 1 hour issue with the April 10 release under XP.

  7. Hello,
    i’m experiencing the following error with the new build:
    i tried the above mentioned build on windows xp. The tab box “Calendars” doesn’t contain any calendars. After creating a new calendar (no matter if a local or remote one) these don’t show up in the list of calendars.
    However, when i try to import a calendar the box asking me to select a calendar to import into does contain all created calendars.
    Thanks for your help!

  8. Working off-line with remote calendars
    I don’t know if it is the appropriate place but I didn’t find the user mailing list (if any) and it is somehow related with the development of the application. I have been a extensive user of sunbird (0.2 and the firefox extension).
    My main utilisation is for remmote calendars shared with collegues, students or members of research projects. With 0.2 standalone and the firefox extension, I had all my calendars on different webdav servers but the nice thing was that there was also local copies of them on my machine (in a custom place such as ~/.calendar). IMO it is an essential feature for all of us who are not permanently on the net (when in the train or abroad for example).
    It appears to me that in 0.3-cvs there is no possibility to use remote calendars when you are not connected. Does it mean that the remote calendars are not locally copied in the sqlite database? It would really be a bad feature.
    In the same register, when you edit a remote calendar you don’t have the possibility to change it’s url. Does that mean that the default url for this calendar is changed when you do a “Publish remote calendar”?
    Other than that, I think that the 0.3x serie is really cool and the user experience is much better than with the 0.2. series. Not to say that it is more standard compliant. Keep on the good work.
    Sorry if it is not the approriate place for those comments, in that case indicate me where I should post them.

  9. I can’t enter any events (or even go to any dates) earlier than 1970-01-01. Sunbird crashes every time.
    Using Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.0; en-US; rv:1.9a1) Gecko/20060410 Mozilla Sunbird/0.3a1+
    I am also seeing the 1hr discrepancy previously mentioned.

  10. Andy: the pre-1970 problem is a known problem. It is even mentioned in the release notes.

  11. Can’t seem to “repeat” a task. This is a key feature I would need to have or the calendar is pretty useless to me.

  12. Ross Finlayson

    How do you specify ‘holiday-style’ recurrence rules – e.g., the last Monday in May?
    The method noted at no longer works with the current GUI.

  13. I just upgraded from 0.3a1 release to Apr 10 release.
    The new version sucessfully load calendars but when making any changes, I get a publishing error (Publishing the calendar file failed – Status code: 412: Precondition Failed). All worked fine with the old version.
    My calendars are only remote ones (WebDAV/HTTPS).
    Does any one think of something to make it work with Apr 10 release ?

  14. Using the April 10th 0.3a1+ build, I’m experiencing the following issue:
    A recurring event created yesterday for the first Monday of every month, beginning 2006-05-01 has drifted one day earlier and now appears on the Sunday previous to the first Monday of every month.
    In the calendar view, all instances of this event appear to be visible except for the first-scheduled event, 2006-05-01. That one is nowhere to be seen.
    In the Events Listing pane, the correct date for the first event appears. Right-clicking and editing all occurrences, then selecting ‘Set pattern’ prompts me with a pair of radio buttons:
    – 2nd day of the month
    – First Tuesday of the month
    This doesn’t make much sense, since the event isn’t scheduled for the 1st of the month, it isn’t a Tuesday, and the recurring events are incorrectly appearing on Sundays.
    Here’s the offending entry in the .ics:
    Note the DTSTART/DTEND.
    I’ll hunt for the buzilla for this project, I just wanted to make sure folks were aware of this issue.
    Great work on the project so far, folks.

  15. Still getting errors like this
    Failed to load XPCOM component: C:Program FilesMozilla SunbirdcomponentscalAlarmService.js
    They are all
    C:Program FilesMozilla Sunbirdcomponents…

  16. @Matt
    This are just information messages and can be ignored. They are displayed because the components in question have already been loaded. See Bug 320266 for more information.

  17. crazy firethunderbird

    Integration with new Google Calender??? please

  18. cannot delete or edit recurring events — once it is there; it is there

  19. I have gotten it to attach correctly to open-xchange. Is the attendess’s feature going to make before beta?

  20. Chase Whitener

    I haven’t searched too much, but I haven’t seen it posted on here either. When I add an event into the Lightning calendar within Thunderbird, I get an error if I try to have an event start sometime before midnight and end at midnight. “Your start time is after your end time.”

  21. Nice to see progress in this project.Hope to see it as mature as Firefox or Thunderbird soon!
    Something to fix (since long ago)
    Context menu shows “send by email” command but tasks and events are not emailed (nothing happens)�is this email feature already implemented?
    Best regards.

  22. Just downloaded latest version and the reminders now work (didn’t before). It opened a whole bunch of them but all of them consisted of the title bar only so it’s not possible to tell what they are reminding you about. It wasn’t possible to enlarge them. (Hate to criticise – it’s a great product.

  23. Sunbird 0.3a1 and 0.3a1+
    I cannot get Sunbird to remember the passwords for my webDAV shared calendars.
    I re-enter them every time sunbird launches, and I check the box to have them remembered in the
    password manager. Next launch, it requests the passwords again!
    Am I doing something stupid, or is this normal behavior for sunbird with non-sunbird
    WebDAV shared directory.
    7 mac users using iCal from Apple. 2 Sunbird users trying to join in.
    The apple iCal users have no problems reading the sunbird calendars.
    The Sunbird users have no problems reading the iCal calendars.
    But between launches, Sunbird goes stupid.
    In Sunbird, subscribe to remote calendar.
    Choose remote radio button, then next.
    Format WebDAV, and in the location box enter
    During the current Sunbird session, this works just fine.
    I go and edit the calendar and check the read-only box.
    Exit from Sunbird and relaunch later. It wants the password for the calendar realm that was
    hard-coded into the location path!
    I have to manually re-enter the same password for each and every subscribed calendar.
    Yes, it’s the same password for the whole directory to have read access.
    Am I doing something stupid?
    Why is Sunbird being stupid?
    Why if Sunbird asks for the password and gives me the option to remember this in the password
    manager does it not remember on the very next launch?
    This seems similar to the largely ignored bug 248903
    Except my boxes remain blank every time. Sunbird isn’t remembering anything.
    I have two users for the webDAV directory: one user cal_read, who has read-only access to the
    entire directory. And a second user cal_write who has write access to the whole directory. I
    put cal_read in the location box of the subscribed calendars and use cal_write for the one
    calendar each user publishes.
    Is Sunbird trying to use the same user/pass for the entire directory even though I manually put
    the user/pass into each location directly?

  24. Hi,
    I basically agree with Damien. Me and several colleagues use 0.2 and can synchronize towards the local calendar, publish it to the remote location. Offline use is obviously essential, and access to the ics file also crucial for sync apps.
    None of this *seems* to work in 0.3.
    It feels like I am missing something – this is not something you just “miss”; there has got to be some place where you guys explain how this is supposed to work, how to get a hold of the ics file, how to work offline – correct?
    Is it in some release note?
    Best regards!

  25. Hello,
    I wonder – do you need localizers to update translations for this release? I am localizing Calendar into Slovenian and I haven’t been contacted by Calendar team for months. Are you sure there were no new strings in all this time?

  26. David B,
    Sunbird does not support emailing events at the moment. I agree that we shouldn’t advertise a functionality that we do not support. This is bug 237148 and I will provide a patch tonight that will disable this menuitem.
    Sally C,
    that is a known bug and we are working on also including the event description in the alarm box. But I cannot say whether this will make it into 0.3 alpha2.
    there is a possibility to still work with .ics files locally. Just create a new calendar, choose ‘Remote’ and then enter a “file”-URL just like when you browse your local hard disk with Firefox. For example if your calendar file “calendar.ics” should live in c:calendar then the URL would be: file:///c:/calendar/calendar.ics
    yes we would like localizers to update their translations, since a lot has changed since 0.3 alpha1. Please wait until we finish 0.3 alpha2. We will then announce the need for localization in the l10n newsgroup and on this blog.

  27. Simon,
    First of all kudos to the calendar team for the work done and the beautiful result.
    @Marcus message: I think it is not sufficient to work with ics files locally.
    What you really need is to publish/sync with more than one location. I got the same use case as Marcus.
    You want to have the same calendar locally _and_ remote.
    When I realized this won’t work in the new calendar products, I actually started to write a script which syncs with a local calendar file with a remote one, but I just dont have time to make it work…
    Hope you add this functionality ;)

  28. Remote entry does not work.
    Possibly a re-report, but the previous reports were focusing on local/remote issues. This is remote only.
    My problem with 0.3a1+ is that entries entered in a remote calender accessed with something like simply do not register. This is a regression since 0.3a1.
    Rgds, Jon

  29. Jon, that’s likely because the URL has an error in it somewhere. If I try to open it in firefox, i get a message that theserver can’t be found. And if firefox can’t find it, how could sunbird find it?

  30. I took a look and most of the obvious issues to me are fixed.
    My only gripe is that in the week view you have dates in the American format i.e. month/day
    American formatted dates drive me personally nuts where I live..

  31. Hi
    Sorry if this comes ‘out of sync’ to the rest of the comments of this thread.
    I was wondering if this could be considered for a future integration (or some kind of extension) to work with Pegasus Mail PMAIL. A highly secure email client that has always remained true to its word – free.
    It has always been overlooked for a neat calender. This may be a great opportunity…

  32. 1. When creating a monthly recurring event on April 7th (1st Friday of April) I get offered “Second Friday of the month” as recurrence rule.
    2. When selecting “All Future Events” in the event list there is no way to hide events from the current day that have already passed.
    3. When scheduling events with colleagues in different timezones it would be very helpful to be able to assign a specific timezone to an event.

  33. When disabling the color for an event category this change is not applied until the next restart.

  34. When setting an event that crosses a day boundary the event is displayed on the second day with the starting time of the previous day. This is very confusing. Better would be to display starting time 0:00 and/or to add some special indicator that the event started the previous day.

  35. Is there an option to disable reminders (only) from remote-calendar? “more options” for the remote-calendars would be great! I truly love sunbird, and I admire your great work, and I can’t wait for a release with sync-options…!

  36. I would like to test shared calendars, but I do not know how create them.
    In Linux Suse I have an Apache server, with web-dav enabled.
    I cannot find more documentation about testing correcteness of webdav, or how to use it.
    Thank you.

  37. It would be highly useful if one could hide completed tasks from the main view and not just from the tasks view.

  38. Any plans to improve alarms?
    currently the reminder is easy to miss as it is not very prominent. Also, you do not hav e the option to “postpone” reminders, which I use frequently.

  39. In version 3a1. Events scheduled from 7pm to 7am the next day display correctly in the day and week view put display as 7pm to 7pm in the multiweek views.

  40. i HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO DEVELOPMENT SKILLS, AND AM A NOVICE, BUT AS SUCH A FEW SIMPLE DAILY USE ISSUES COULD BE MADE EASIER. hOLIDAYS SHOULD BE EITHER AVAILABLE ON A ROSTER FRO SELECTION UPON SETUP, THE COLORCODING OF the “job type”, or assignment is tedious, and should be available from the “new event ” screen. A pulldown menu for commonly used event titles, as accumulated by the user would also be a nice touch.

  41. I could be wrong but I think the place to post, improvements, feature suggestions and bugs is on Bugzilla:
    The proper thing to be asking here is:
    When will Alpha 2 be out?
    : )

  42. That’s a result of the bad architecture of xul & co.
    It is a nice idea but the development process is decelerated massively.