Sunbird 0.3a2 Officially Released

We’re pleased to announce the official release of Sunbird 0.3a2. This release builds upon Lightning 0.1’s goal of preserving all locally created data. However, there are still a number of serious known problems which can occur when handling ICS data from other sources. In addition, this release contains several major improvements over Sunbird 0.3a1 including:

  • Ability to edit individual elements of a recurring series
  • Improved alarm support
  • Inline editing of event-titles
  • Drag and drop editing in the day and week views
  • A new, more intuitive event/task dialog

Please read the release notes prior to downloading this release. Then, get Sunbird 0.3a2 for your platform here:

Users who downloaded the third release candidate, announced on 7 May 2006 do not need to re-download this version, as that candidate has become the official release.

Thanks, as always, to everyone who made this release possible.


  1. Are you guys going to put up the source, for us poor bastards that don’t have windows/osx/linux? ;)

  2. any chance of release as an installer?

  3. Thanks for the work and time you invested! I’m going to try it out again.

  4. Looks good – very different from a1. I like the increased control I now have.
    Something that is bugging me though is the fact that the verticle scroll bar for changing days/weeks/months/etc (on the right of the calendar) is no longer there. From a logical sense I liked having the up and down as it makes sense to me intuitivly. Eg for the multi-week view your moving down the calendar to get to a week later in time – not across. Plus I don’t have to move my mouse as far if I’m working on the bottom of the window :P.
    Otherwise looks good. Thanks for all the effort.

  5. I found a problem and I don’t know wether it’s already known or not and wether it’s a problem with the german translation:
    1. Set a weekly reoccuring event.
    2. Choose an exception date with the filepicker.
    3. If I choose 19.05.2006 in the box with the exceptions it shows 2006/05/18 … so the wrong date (one day earlier) is picked.
    Expected result: the correct date 19.05.2006 (= 2006/05/19) is choosen.

  6. Just had a thought (sorry about the double post) maybe the verticle scroll bar could be an option so the people who don’t like it could turn it on and off..

  7. Find updates doesn’t work in the Add-ons- it keeps checking for updates and nothing happens.When I click find updates it keeps saying “Looking for updates”. And nothing happens. Just checking, checking and checking….

  8. Christopher Schlosser

    Thats bad… This application dont run in Win98 now…
    Is this the end of the projekt for me…
    Sunbird is a really good application, but why it have to run in XP or 2000?

  9. It’s possible to sync or import existing Google Calendars with this alpha version? Or it will be possible?

  10. Today I updated Sunbird 0.3a2 from old 0.3a1,but I found that it couldn’t run when it said “Can’t find an export from USER32.DLL:UpdateLayeredWindow.” I use Win98,and the 0.3a1 could run well,How is it with 0.3a2? Thanks.

  11. tired of whiners

    Please guys, stop complaining about support for Win98, it’s an 8 years old (crappy) OS.
    Upgrade to a modern windows release or to linux/osx/whatever or provide a patch for win98 compatibility.

  12. May a patch for Win98 will do.

  13. The Month view is ugly now, very small items without border, it was nicer before, I keep using a1.
    And btw. for those minority of users: Win98 is dead ^^

  14. Yep Windows 98 has to die.
    Let it die.

  15. No smtp support yet to send out eMail notices. Still no joy. :'(
    (You know, you guys could look at mailx for an open source example!)

  16. Newbie, to this sort of thing, comment:
    Sunbird – Does anyone know how I can change the colour of the fonts/text in the To Do lists? They are currently ‘grey’ until completed then black with a line through. I would really like to have red, blue or back text then these become grey with a line through when completed. Currenly on v0.2, which I am happy with on my USB stick until a version comes out that I can change the font colours. Thanks for any help since I am a bit lost on these dev type forums etc…

  17. When I use WebDav, Sunbird asks me at each startup if it may connect to the WebDav folder. Username and password known to Sunbird, so why is it asking??

  18. I agree with Sam, this is really annoying

  19. Hello – wanted to say we are proud to be using this calendar for our office.
    Wondering if there is a way to make tasks repeat? Am I just not finding it due to user error?
    If no way to make tasks repeat, would there be a way to make the list on the left-hand side be events instead of tasks?
    Please email me with your answers if you have a chance.

  20. Hello
    I see comments for this blog localization theme ( closed…
    Russian builds Sunbird 0.3a2 done for all supported platform and available on

  21. I see many people that need Win98-WinMe support. I don’t want to put some pressure, but is there any posibility? (remote or not?)… I know that Win98 is dead, it’s very old and i really don’t like it, i prefer free source systems, buy in my country, the hardware is very expensive soo old computers are still working in lot of places. I thinks it’s paranoid.. but �impossible?. Thanks for reading my post. Best regard for all the team!! You are working great!!
    Pablo – Argentina

  22. Win98 is dead! Yes you are right, but there are some reasons which prevents some people to switch over to linux completely. Especially in some large companies.
    So they need Win98 support – or they are forced to take another application.
    btw: Win2k/Xp option! Virii, Security, Spyware problems. (No they dont exist in Win98 without IE/Outlook!!)

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  26. [Translate->JP] Sunbird 0.3a2 Officially Released

     開発Weblogの方から該当エントリを日本語にざっと書き下し。 Sunbird 0.3a2 が公式にリリースされました Sunbird 0.3a2の公式リリースが出ました。このリリースビルドは、ローカルで作成した…