A New Candidate

A lot of folks were brave enough to test our last sunbird release candidate. They quickly noted that it was very crashy, so the build was not good enough for a release.
But the crash is fixed now, so we have a new release candidate:

So fire away, test it, and let us know if it passes your basic functionality test. (But remember, this is still an alpha. We know there are features missing)


  1. drag and drop still isn’t working. According to the release notes that was one of the goals of alpha2 :(

  2. Mike: drag-n-drop inside the views (especially the week and day views) is what should be working. Other kinds (like dropping an ics item from some other app on sunbird) is indeed not working.

  3. First of all: Great improvement in usability and the first look of the software, much smoother! Just a little detail I noticed right away: It would be very comfortable, if when creating a new event, the starting time of the event would be the time which I clicked in the calender (if I click an event on monday I get a new evnet for monday; why not if I click on monday 10am -> I get a new event for monday 10am).
    But thats just a detail. Thanks for your great work! Be sure it`s appreciated.
    Regards from germany,

  4. @kris: this new-event-has-time-where-clicked thing was working in 0.3a1. haven’t checked the new build yet.

  5. When trying to syncronize with gCalendar, I can receive calendar items but the items I create in Sunbird don’t get sent back to GCalender. Any ideas?

  6. a little crashy! anyway it seems fast great and dont have any problems with it.

  7. Great work folks! Thanks!
    Any way to set an event for the last day of each month?

  8. > When trying to syncronize with gCalendar, I can receive calendar items but the items I create in Sunbird don’t get sent back to GCalender. Any ideas?
    I don’t think Sunbird has an interface to write to GCalendar. GCalendar uses its own protocol to write events, http://code.google.com/apis/gdata/calendar.html#Example

  9. Indeed, when you are “synchronizing with gCalendar” you are accessing a read-only, iCalendar-formatted view of your Google calendar data that is constructed dynamically when you request it. You can’t write to the Google calendar data from any iCalendar client.

  10. Good to hear that a release is coming soon. Good work all!
    p.s. please don’t forget to release with sources!

  11. really cool and smooth for just a “super-alpha” release ;). Thanks
    – An icon or just a small red line on top box or such in the square event to notify that an alarm was set for the event will be cool (also a alarm column on event list)
    – something (font setting or slider) to reduce the size of the calendar is great too
    – a daemon (or NT service) that bring the notification on top even if Sunbird is down will be VERY VERY useful.
    – etc.
    Anyway this is a really great calendar app, thanks again.

  12. Much, Much better.
    Not as confusing a lot more user friendly.
    Well done, keep up the good work and I can’t wait to get an official release of the final product.

  13. This new RC2 looks great. Thank you for the excellent work! I tested it with a set of a few hundred task/events, which I imported from an .ics file, and I did not manage to make it crash or to generate strange behaviours. All the main features seem already available and this release looks quite useable.
    If I could make a suggestion, I would switch the coloring scheme for the Calendars and for the Categories. Currently the events from different calendars can be colored with various backgrounds, while the events of different categories can only have a colored border, which is not well visible.
    I expect most people to have one or a few calendars but numerous categories. For this reason it is a waste to use the colored background only for the calendars. A similar choice was made by Outlook and Lotus Organiser, and it seems to work well there.

  14. @mvl
    indeed, drag & drop does work in the weekview, but I’m more interested in the multi-week view since that used to work in 0.2

  15. I was wondering if proposed patches concerning Bug #327933 were included in that RC2 or not ? (suppressing etag check for now)
    Because this release still produce an error when publishing first change on a WebDAV IIS Server.

  16. Hello,
    I read the reply on using a local file, by specifying it using the file: URI protocol.
    Is there a way to use a local ics file and still (it) sync/publish towards a remote webdav like in 0.2?
    Best regards!

  17. Richard Prelip

    I have been testing a number of versions of Sunbird. For the way I use it, this version has everything I need working.
    I keep my data in a .ics file. I opened that file using the “Open Calander File” menu selection. This approach allow me to put the ics file in a directory that gets backed up. The storage database file doesn’t. This hasn’t worked in the last few versions, but is working now.
    I, for one, really appreciate your great work.

  18. Great job on the recent release.
    I use Sunbird on a very regular basis and have to say that rc2 moves a lot quicker and smoother…so far no problems.
    I do have one question about the week view layout. Are there plans to make each “hourly” box a bit smaller? The older versions were able to accomodate an entire day in the “Week View” without having to scroll up and down to view the other hours.
    Keep Up The Great Work!!

  19. Second: Joe G.
    I can see my entire school day in the week and day views, but not the fact that I work at 5 without scrolling. at least an option to comrpess the view would be nice.

  20. I’ve just installed the latest version of Sunbird. The only problems I have are that an Email notification is not yet possible,& no d&d on the month view. On the good side giving me a choice to change only one or all of a recurring event is damn handy! This version is also a definite graphic improvement over the prior versions bolder is better.
    Finally, thanks for the preview of the new extension management for Fx in general.
    I won’t be going Wha??? when it starts probably in 2.0

  21. I would recommend you to work more on speed, this makes program finally comfortable and acceptable for users.
    Since migration to SQLite, program is much slower, not to mention long startup time.
    Maybe you can make improvement with some kind of memory cache etc. (even SQLite istelf is far from being so slow as Sunbird behaves)

  22. Good work, but what about Alarms ?
    I need a complete management of them, but It looks like you have remove functionalities…
    just a preview ?
    To have it in italian how can I do ? Thanks in advance.

  23. I’ve tested Sunbird in WinME and there’s a problem when i execute the program (the text is in spanish so i’ll try to reproduce in english). It says that SUNBIRD.EXE is linked to a USER32.DLL:UpdateLayeredWindow that don’t exists.

  24. Well still some wierd stuff:
    1) Double clicking for a new event gives you default start time of 6pm and end time of 7pm for me.
    2) Need an option to allow for a 12 hour time picker with am and pm.
    3) The day and week view have dates in the American format of 11/5 (i.e. month then day), showing along the top.
    It would still fail the “secretary test” but I’ll use it.

  25. Pablo,
    because of architectural changes in the Mozilla core code (move to the Cairo graphics layer), Sunbird 0.3 alpha2 will not work on any Windows operating system before Windows 2000. This includes Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows NT 4.0

  26. Stefan Sitter

    We are aware of this and it will be fixed in the next release (after 0.3a2).

  27. First time trying Sunbird. Here are some bugs and suggestions. I do not have time to go into Bugzilla for each of these, sorry:
    1) BUG: I added a task with a Date and Due Date, but it is not visible in Day or Week view. With “Tasks in View” checked, the task DOES show up in Mult-Week and Month view though.
    2) BUG: Shrink the content pane enough and horizontal scaling stops and vertical scrollbars disappear
    3) BUG: When changing the time of a task, I click the hour but it doesn’t actually change the value in the text field (it is changed once I click off the time-chooser though).
    4) BUG: Behavior is different if I select the minute or the hour. Selecting the minute closes the time-chooser, selecting the hour does not. Probably this is some handler missing for selection of the hour (see Bug #3 above).
    5) BUG: Label start/end times consistently between Events and Tasks. Currently it’s “From”/”To” vs. “Date”/”Due Date”.
    6) BUG: Double-clicking column headers in the task pane invokes the “New Task” pane.
    7) SUGGESTION: label the search bar so it’s obvious what it is.
    8) SUGGESTION: tooltips for the Task pane controls (including the “add column” button).
    9) SUGGESTION: I find the different foreground and background colours backgrounds for tasks confusing/distracting. If I understand things: Blue tasks are due today, Green tasks are started, Grey is for everything else. Not really intuitive because colour is dependent upon two things (start and end dates).
    10) SUGGESTION: Make the logo more striking, I think the bird is cool and it’s consistent, but he/she needs to be thickened to make it stand out a little more for really small window icon
    11) SUGGESTION: For week and multi-week view, I don’t think they should be labeled by their number (1-52). Who thinks of weeks this way? I think the week’s label should be by its start day and month (Week May 7-13, Weeks May 7-Jun 3). I know this suggestion is awkward, so anybody else have a better idea?

  28. Btw, I should say that I’m excited by this application (especially the remote calendar idea, which I haven’t tried yet) so my above post should be considered “constructive criticism”

  29. Sunbird is looking better and better all the time. But will there be (or IS there) any solution for the very annoying CAL_UTF8_DECODING_FAILED error you get when you try to open Google Calendar calendars?