Sunbird 0.3a2 Release Candidate 2

A new release candidate for Sunbird 0.3a2 is now available. The previous release candidate identified several problems releated to timezones and events not being displayed at the correct time. Since we figured that most people probably wouldn’t upgrade if the program didn’t display times correctly, we decided to fix it and have another release candidate. The best solution that we found for this was to finally include a functional timezone picker. You should choose your timezone in the Preferences window prior to using this new version. After doing this, the times of your events should be properly displayed, allowing you to play around with the other improvements since 0.3a1.

Due to ongoing work on Mozilla’s toolkit, you’ll also notice a brand-new extention/theme management system in 0.3a2. This is the new Add-ons manager that is being developed for future versions of Firefox and Thunderbird, so consider this a sneak preview. Special thanks to Rob Strong for his work on this!

You’ll also notice that, unlike the last release candidate, these builds will identify themselves as 0.3a2, in the hopes that this truly can become the actual 0.3a2 release.

Please test these new candidates and report any problems you may find.

UPDATE: We are aware of the crashing in these candidates. Thanks to everyone for reporting it. This was caused by a checkin outside the calendar codebase, and a fix for the crash is currently in the review process. We hope to have a new set of release-candidates soon.


  1. Can’t even open it. Extracted to my PC, when I click the icon I get ‘Sunbird.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close’.

  2. Sorry, but the same here (using Windows XP with the 2006-05-05-09-trunk version): immediately crashes when I try to startup. Then I tried to start with -P (to get the profilemanager). Same result. Then I tried removing my Sunbird-profile-directory, but that does not change the result. When the program starts it creates a new profile folder and then it crashes. Very weird, especially if this should be a release candidate.

  3. To further test I also installed yesterday’s build “Gecko/20060504 Mozilla Sunbird/0.3a2” and that works fine here. It just starts (using the profile the previous Sunbird tried to create) and creates an updates subfolder. I guess the latest Sunbird crashed while creating the profile, because this slightly older Sunbird-version adds some files to the profile (compreg.dat, prefs.js and all kinds of extension-related files).
    Yesterday’s version already seems to have the new extension manager code, because that EM looks different from the other EMs I know from using Mozilla software.

  4. Stefan Sitter

    I don’t see any problems when opening a profile from Sunbird 0.2/0.3a1/0.3a1+ with the 20060505 trunk build on Windows 2000.
    Did you removed all files from Sunbird install folder before unpacking the new zip file?
    Do you have any extensions installed that may have caused this?

  5. all I see is the Microsoft reporting tool saying sunbird crashed.

  6. I noticed the same thing on my Vista computer. The same problem occurs with the latest nightly trunk of Thunderbird.

  7. Stefan Sitter

    Matt, does Sunbird run in safe mode? (Start with ‘-safe-mode’ parameter)

  8. Stefan Sitter

    I found Bug 336654 that was opened 2006-05-04 for frequent crashes during Firefox/Thunderbird start up on Windows XP. Might be that the Sunbird build has the same problem.

  9. ok it runs. thanks, but i know it really is not related to this blog, but thunderbird will not run in safe mode.

  10. Sunbird crashes on Windows XP here too.
    I tried running with the profile manager, safe mode, cleaning out the folder before installing, and starting with clean profiles. Crashed the same way ever time.

  11. Crashed here too. Tried both running it stand alone, and copying it into the location I had a1 installed at. Wipes out on startup – never get a screen of any type or anything.

  12. Nice to know i’m not the only one getting this problem (sort of). I just tried running 0.3a2 on an XP machine that has never had Sunbird on it. It crashed as above. I tried installing 0.3a1 (which works fine) and dumping the ZIP file over the install but i get the same result.

  13. It crashes!!!

  14. it works, but still cannot update/modify/edit/delete repeating events — once they are in, they are in and cannot do a thing to them…

  15. I also experienced crashes in start-ups on Windows XP. I had no problem launching former release candidate.

  16. Crashes on startup. Win XP Pro.

  17. Crashes at startup for me as well. I’m using Windows XP Pro x64 Edition.

  18. I installed from scratch but it crashed on startup for me also. WinXP Pro, x32, plenty of ram, etc.

  19. ah today the nightly works. Hurray, without safe-mode.

  20. I thought drag & drop was supposed to be working…

  21. Good to see it working now – but what’s happened to reapeating patterns!?! Weekly and Monthly have lost the number! So you can’t repeat fortnightly, and you can’t repeat some holidays (such as Mother’s Day = every year on the second Sunday of May).

  22. It works like a charm on my Gentoo Linux, all my calendars are hosted by a WebDAV server, no problem so far :)
    All the best,