Status update (25 May)

This time our status update is pretty short, mostly due to ongoing discussions regarding the Sunbird/Lightning roadmap and Sunbird 0.3 planning. So just the following bugs were fixed since the last status update:

  • Bug 239431: Allow choosing multiple exceptions more easily
  • Bug 329225: Moving views should also move minimonth
  • Bug 333372: Week number for multiweek view is off when Sunday is not the start of the week
  • Bug 334076: Agenda tree only shows the events from the calendars in the composite at startup
  • Bug 338311: remove unneeded files from Add-ons Manager migration
  • Bug 338432: Sunbird doesn’t require xpcom_obsolete

Thanks as always to all the testers, hackers, reviewers, etc.


  1. Claude Hegyes

    In the french Mozilla I got this error when tryng to get to Mcafee support site:
    Erreur d’analyse XML : mal form�
    Emplacement :
    Num�ro de ligne 441, Colonne 78 :

  2. Claude, your comment has nothing to do with Mozilla’s Calendar. But, for your information the error is not a problem with Mozilla, but a problem with the site you are visiting. The XML is not well formed, just as the error message says. To fix this problem the “&” should be replaced with “&”

  3. On the PowerPC Mac version, I am unable to add events. When I click on New Task, a very slim line appears at the top of the toolbar as if the new task window is going to drop, but it doesn’t. My arrow turns to a watch and it just sits there staring at me. when I pull down any of the menu items, they’re all grayed out. And it doesn’t quit properly. After quitting I get an error message and it asks whether I’d like to close, reopen or report an issue. So I’m reporting the issue.

  4. Brian,
    That’s a known bug on all platforms. It’s a regression from new JavaScript 1.7 functionality that landed on the Mozilla trunk, totally outside Sunbird. We’re working with Brendan to try and get that fixed as soon as we can.

  5. Nicholas Wourms

    I know you discontinued the calendar extension, but can you pretty please with a cherry make Lightning compatible with Seamonkey Mail & News?

  6. I noticed on Sunbird 0.3.a.2 for Windows XP Pro, I can no longer “select all” events and export them to a single .ical file to transfer my schedule to another computer. I can select individual events and export them, but not the entire month. This feature is extremely important for me because I use multiple computers.

  7. Sunbird 0.3a2 has been released for a while now, but the source is still not available. Could it please be made available on ftp?

  8. I couldn’t find a forum or any place to post a suggestion (and I don’t know how to code) so here it goes: I have Lightning 0.1 with Thunderbird I suggest a button or two on the main toolbar that will clearly and simply switch from “calendar view” to “mailbox view” and back. I know you can do this by clicking on inbox at the right and by clicking on a day on the mini-calendar (or by clicking on one of the buttons that can be added to the toolbar, like “day view”, “week view”, “month view”, etc.) but I believe it would facilitate navigation, and allow for a more fluid integration.

  9. I noticed in Lightening that anytime I try to save an appointment that contains parens in the description, it won’t save.

  10. You promised now you will be encouraging translations/localizations again, but there is no signal about this really happening …

  11. miles:
    I am currently working on getting the en-US locale for Sunbird moved into the appropriate place, and I’ll then be moving the other locales into the /l10n repository (where Firefox and Thunderbird’s localizations now live).
    Once I get that move completed by mozilla IT staff, we’ll be on our way.

  12. lilmatt:

  13. I have Lightning 0.1 with Thunderbird and have the contacts sidebar extension for TBird. It would be great if there was a way to change the order of display btwn the calendar and the contacts. I don’t need the calendar to top-most all the time but do use the contacts almost constantly. Thanks for the great app.