Status update (07 June)

Again our status update is pretty short as we prepare for some major bug fixes and due to further ongoing discussions regarding the Sunbird/Lightning roadmap and Sunbird 0.3 planning. So just the following bugs were fixed since the last status update:

  • Bug 339670: Fix SQL query for non-recurrent events being incorrect when getItems was called for a range of time with different start and end offsets
  • Bug 335594: Makes Sunbird’s release notes url NOT hardcoded
  • Bug 337848: Only use times for Today and Tomorrow in the agenda view
  • Bug 339509: Day view doesn’t always display the correct day
  • Bug 339509: Wrong day selected in views if selected timezone does not match system timezone
  • Bug 315960: Improve performance when switch day/week views
  • Bug 335643: Make tasks in the multiweek and month views show up even if their start date is earlier than the start of the view

Our localization community should be happy that with the fix of Bug 338349 we took another major towards our goal of source localization, which can be tracked in Bug 267981.

Thanks as always to all the testers, hackers, reviewers, etc.


  1. 1) Will we get a choice between 12-hour and 24-hour times?
    2) What improvements are you making in iCal and sharing of calendars?
    3) Stupid question: Do I really need WebDAV/CalDAV for shared calendar editing? What about a local network file?

  2. Ok, so as a Calendar localizer for Slovenian in previous versions – where can I get the files I need to update Slovenian translation? Can someone send them to me and then also check them in for me?

  3. On
    there are no new builts for win32 since May 30, only for Mac and Linux. Is there an alternative download location for the latest win32 builts?

  4. Maybe you would like to involve the community in the discussions about the future / roadmap? Doing it all by yourself may result in a product that the community will not be really happy with!
    the Windows latest builds environment is down again?

  5. Stefan Sitter

    1) Sunbird should pick up the time format of your operating system in most places. However, there are still some places (e.g. timepicker dialog) that does not do this.
    3) WebDAV should handle all that is an iCalendar (*.ics) file. You can also specify a local file (file://) or just use menu command ‘File->Open’ in Sunbird 0.3 alpha2.
    There are no win32 builds available at the moment because the windows build server needs to be upgraded to new compiler version.
    Discussions are already done in public in newsgroup

  6. miles:
    Check out
    My suggestion is to contact the folks already handling your locale for Firefox and Thunderbird, and join that team for Calendar.
    They should at least be able to point you in the right direction in terms of getting you access to the files, etc.

  7. jimmy:
    Note that using a “local file” that’s on a shared drive/volume somewhere will work, you may/will run into problems with file locking and people overwriting each others data.
    Since Sunbird thinks it’s the only thing touching a “local” file, it doesn’t check for updates to that file before writing to it, nor does it provide a way to reload/refresh the file to pick up any changes anyone else has made.
    Truly, you should try to use WebDAV or CalDAV if at all possible for sharing calendars so as to avoid the above problems. Check out the link below for possible free locations supporting WebDAV calendar sharing.

  8. limatt: Well, maybe I wasn’t clear enough – I already am handling Slovenian, usually I got files from Mostafa, but then you decided to abandon localization efforts in order to change the backbone, clean code of errors etc. I haven’t gotten any files to update translations so I just wonder if it will be Mostafa or someone else sending them to me.

  9. miles,
    You can see the files at
    However, I suggest you visit the wiki pages I included in my previous comment to learn about CVS, so you can checkout your localization and update it without having to wait for us to check it in!

  10. when lightning will implement a printing feature like sunderbird has already?

  11. Any roadmap for event copy or move or multiple selection?