Status of Sunbird localization

I want to give a short update to our localization community.

  1. As of now, we have 9 translations available for Sunbird 0.3 alpha2. These can be found on the Sunbird website. If people from other countries want to make their Sunbird translation available, then please announce your finished localization in the newsgroup.
  2. Yesterday we made a major breakthrough for Sunbird localizers. Matthew Willis (lilmatt) fixed Bug 267981 and Bug 281935 enabling localization through CVS and also building localized Sunbird builds directly from the Mozilla CVS repository.

    Because of this, all localizers should read the updated Calendar Localization page on the wiki and make themselves familiar with CVS (if you have not already done so). A lot of interesting material can be found on the homepage of the Mozilla Localization Project. If you have any questions please post them to the or the newsgroup.

Please note, that the source localization is not available for the Sunbird 0.3 alpha2, but only for trunk and branch nightly builds. With the fixes for Sunbird l10n done, we will now focus our efforts on getting source localization (via CVS) done for Lightning. Stay tuned for more updates!


  1. Well, I do not intend to fiddle with CVS, because I really do not have time to learn this. Where can I send the zipped Slovenian Sunbird 0.3alpha2 files (completely localized)?

  2. Miles,
    as Matthew already told you, you should really contact the team leader of the Slovenian Mozilla l10n team. According to this is Aleks Reinhardt . He should either be able to check the localization in for you or help you with setting up a cvs environment.
    As to the Sunbird 0.3a2 localization. Please provide localized builds and announce them in the newsgroup and I will then add them to the Sunbird website.

  3. Ok, I have the files, but do not know two things:
    – which localization of Ff to use (of which build version) and where to find it;
    – what to put in the rdf file.
    Yes, I know Aleks, but he was hardly having enough time to mantain Ff and Th localizations, until now I was helped by Mostafa…
    Lp, m.

  4. miles,
    I don’t really know what either of your two questions have to do with Sunbird localization as detailed in the links in the blog post.
    I would definitely suggest that you post your questions to the newsgroup, where the l10n community should help you out.

  5. Greetings, I’d like to start working on the European Portuguese localization for Sunbird but I’m not sure if all Mozilla localization-related work must be done by the same team (i.e. one team for Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird, etc) or if it can be done by individual teams for each project.
    In the case of it being done by individual teams, is it acceptable for me to file the registration bug now and start working on the localization in a few weeks once I finish my university examination period or should I wait until then to file the registration bug?

  6. Jo�o,
    My suggestion is to contact the team of localizers who currently handle European Portuguese for Firefox, and let them know your interest in performing this work on Sunbird.
    Although I can’t read Portuguese, it appears they are working at:
    I think you should be able to file your registration bug now.

  7. Lilmatt: thank you for your reply. I will contact about this shortly. My main question is, should I work on Sunbird as part of their team or is it possible for me to start another team to work on Sunbird and cooperate with the Firefox team for localization consistency?

  8. Jo�o,
    I would suggest working as part of their team. That way you will only be responsible for all the calendar-specific strings in Sunbird. You will not need to retranslate all the strings that Sunbird shares with other apps liek Firefox or Thunderbird.

  9. Thomas Saporito

    Please upgrade the calendar to enable the calendar to be printed in the monthly view format showing the entire calendar and not simply the tasks.

  10. Is the Windows version broken again? The latest trunk is 2 weeks old ;(

  11. Stefan Sitter

    @Thomas Saporito
    Try the calPapers extension for Sunbird:
    See the comments on

  12. Do you guys need some help with the compiler update? I do understand a lot, but if it takes 12 days to do it then maybe we can all get together and help you? I thinkthat there are a few people who are int he community that will be able to do this for you if you have problems!