Contributed windows nightly build available

As many of you know, we haven’t had windows nightly builds for a few weeks now, due to the need to upgrade the compiler on the solaria tinderbox. However, ssitter has put together a build himself, for those of you wishing to test the patches that have landed recently. While we hope this build should work for the majority of people, it is possible that additional problems could arise. Please use your best judgment about whether a bug is caused by the quirks of this build or a problem in the code before using Bugzilla. Thanks.

The windows build is available here.


  1. Every time I insert a new event in Sunbird the calendar shows the event an hour after the entered time! Can this be circumvented?

  2. Ross Finlayson

    Is anyone currently working on getting alarms on recurring events to work properly? (It has been months since this worked.)

  3. Stefan Sitter

    We now have regular nightly builds for Windows back. All thanks go to Matthew (lilmatt) Willis for that.
    Note: If you upgrade from the custom Sunbird build to regular nightly build ensure that you remove ALL files in Sunbird program folder before extracting the new build.