[Release Update] Lightning & Sunbird 0.7 release branch

I want to inform you that the release branch has been created, from which Lightning and Sunbird 0.7 will be released. The name of this branch is SUNBIRD_0_7_BRANCH.

Please note that code checkins on this branch are restricted. You
will need the approval from our lead developer, Daniel Boelzle, before you commit changes
to that branch. Localizers do not need approval for checkins on this branch.

Developers and localizers should however make sure, that all changes are committed to the trunk, the MOZILLA_1_8_BRANCH and the SUNBIRD_0_7_BRANCH in parallel. This is to avoid inconsistencies as we do parallel development on the trunk and the branches.


  1. Hi,
    The new features like the mini-today panel looks good. The scrolling of the months in the main calendar panel with the help of the mouse is also good. But the refresh is slow. It takes about 3-4 seconds to refresh the screen. I have about 50 events spanning across 6 calendars (all local). I guess the refresh rate could be improved. Also I was wondering about the notification via. e-mail. Is this feature removed from the calendar temporarily or permanently? I believe that this is a very useful feature that one would want.
    Once again I really appreciate the work that the calendar team is doing. Keep it up!

  2. Another week past, no RC1 in sight. Goes to show why gaming companies often say “it’s done when it’s done”.
    Perhaps you guys were better of simply saying “RC1 will be out in a week or two” instead of “this week” then a week later “this week again”.
    I’m not being negative at all though, keep up the good work. Good code isn’t made fast, fast written code isn’t good.

  3. Hi!
    I’m following your project from long time ago and it’s amazing how it’s been improved from Calendar. Nice work!
    I’ve been testing Lightning 0.7pre and I’ve found that those bugs aren’t fixed despite they are pretty old and, IMHO, important:
    Any chance they are going to be fixed on 0.7?

  4. The new Lightning plugin is great, but the Today pane doesn’t stay ‘pinned’ after switching from Mail -> Calendar -> Mail. I have to expand the Today Pane again.

  5. Derek:
    How do you do that? “Today” is grayed out.

  6. Derek:
    How do you do that? “Today” is grayed out.

  7. Mike:
    You can customize the toolbar and add the “Today Pane” item. This will allow you to show/hide the pane in the mail view.
    Before I figured out the toolbar item, you can also drag the right most divider to the left, which shows the today pane. This divider would be right next to the scrollbar on your mail message/mail item list.
    Hope that helps. =)

  8. Yeah, it does look nice, but… I updated and lost ALL my data :( Any idea how to recover the old appointments?

  9. I’m with Barb…it’s all gone and I’d really like to have it back…any suggestions?

  10. I’m with Barb…it’s all gone and I’d really like to have it back…any suggestions?

  11. Never mind…turns out you have to reactivate the calendar (using the checkbox next to the calendar name – in my case “home”).