0.7 RC 1 HAS LANDED!!!

I come with good news, the first 0.7 release candidate (RC1) is ready! We have the Sunbird RC’s for all our supported locales (26 including English) as well as the Lightning RC’s for all our supported locales AND a Lightning Universal Mac build.

Here’s where to get your hands on the RC:

After finishing RC1 we’re holding a community test day next Tuesday, October 9th. We need you to tell us, if Lightning and Sunbird are ready for release, or if our developers have to fix some so far unknown bugs. Still a long list of bugs fixed since the release of 0.5 waits to be verified fixed, and the localized versions of Lightning and Sunbird need to be checked for completeness and correctness. So, join us in #calendar-qa on Tuesday. All the information on the test day is in our Test Day Wiki Page.

Thanks to everyone who has helped with this release. And, an even bigger thank you to everyone who has waited for us to release it. Thanks!

Happy 0.7!


  1. Great news! Thanks to all the development team. 0.7 looks like it will be a significant step for Lightning/Sunbird and there’s certainly been a lot of effort put in since 0.5. Thanks!

  2. Very Nice! :D
    Keep the great work. This is a great piece of software.
    Waiting, with crescent anxiety for the 1.0 release, with a better task support, and access to Google Calendar, in off line mode.
    I will try to participate in Test Day.

  3. I found one bug that still has not been fixed. When I mouseover an event, the event description is cut off at the end.
    Below is an example:

  4. Sorry, but the image I posted is too small. Try this link:

  5. Outstanding ! :)
    @Omar: interesting… when I mouseover an event I get a much too big description screen
    /XP, TB, German localization

  6. Seems that Google Calendar is broken in this build. GData Provider (0.2.2) chokes on it. Sept 20th build of Lightning is good, this one is not.

  7. Re Google calendar, I found that too. Hopefully it will be fixed before the RC becomes the proper release – we use Google calendar to collaborate at work…
    Also noticed that the events coming up in the new today pane don’t change regardless of what date you are at in it’s mini calendar. Will investigate tomorrow and maybe file some bugs…

  8. You can download the latest nightly of the Google Calendar provider and edit the install.rdf file in it, to update the maxversion of lightning (set it to 0.7 instead of 0.7pre)

  9. Congrats on the new release guys, in my opinion this is a major milestone in Lightning/Sunbird. The app is finally starting to feel worthy of mass use with the .7 UI redesign and the major features implemented.

  10. Great job guys .. its really a major milestone that will move people away from Outlook and start using Thunderbird/ligthning …
    once again well done guys and congrats

  11. Great job guys .. its really a major milestone that will move people away from Outlook and start using Thunderbird/lightning …
    once again well done guys and congrats

  12. Like with the 0.5-release there is again a serious problem with Ligtning and the Funambol-Addon (v0.3.2). Everytime when i try to save a new calender entry or to move an existing entry then Thunderbird crashes. When i deactivate Funambol, then i can save and move calendar entries without problems.
    I use:
    – Thunderbird (WinXP)
    – Lightning 0.7 RC1
    – Funambol 0.3.2
    Maybe you should mention the problem in the release notes?