Test day Tomorrow!!

We are in code freeze, and our first Release Candidate (RC1) will be ready soon. We need YOU to find every problem which can stop a release. There also is a long list of bugs fixed since the release of 0.5, that have to be verified fixed on different operating systems. At last almost all l10n teams finished their localizations of Lightning and Sunbird. Now we – but especially native speakers – have to check these language versions for completeness and correctness.

We need your help to deliver a good quality release.

So, join us in #calendar-qa on Tuesday. All the information on the test day is in our usual Test Day Wiki Page.

Happy Testing!


  1. After upgrade my gdata-provider-2007-08-30-14 link data disappear.

  2. Same for me !!! Happened with the Sep 24th build only

  3. And by the way, which GData provider version should be used for the tests, if any ?

  4. I sure hope the Wednesday nightly build is the RC1, good work guys!

  5. A new nightly of the gdata provider is now available, that solves the problem.