Publishing Events Bug Fixed!

In today’s nightly build for Sunbird and Lightning, the fix for the “Publishing Events Bug” has landed. This bug has plagued people in 0.5, and we wanted to address it in 0.7. However, fixing it was complicated by how many different ways the bug can manifest itself.

We’d like to ask everyone that’s seen this issue to retest their configurations with the latest nightly. This way we can determine if the patch fixed all the issues.

Technical Details

More information is of course available in bugzilla. These are the main bugs we are following that track different manifestations of the problem.

Thanks for your help in checking out this issue. If you find a problem, please add a comment to bug 387559. If you find other crazy behavior, please file a new bug. If you have any questions please ask them in #calendar or #calendar-qa on IRC and we’ll try to help.

Thanks again for your help and happy Testing!


  1. Brilliant job chaps! :) I’ve been waiting on this ever since filing bug 380291 / going to bug 387559. I’ll try the nightly with limitexcept set to GET HEAD OPTIONS and let you know what I see.

  2. Hooray! It works. The response is noticeably slower when you first navigate to another week after putting a new event in the calendar, but the event gets created and the other calendar entries don’t vanish forever, and (under windows) you can exit from Thunderbird cleanly without leaving a task running, so I’d say it’s a win!

  3. Have annotated 387559, but just thought I’d mention here too that it works. Am using LimitExcept GET HEAD OPTIONS PROPFIND. Brilliant stuff!
    I’m sure the first time I went in there was a button to view/hide the tasks but now there’s not. Having to Ctrl+D to toggle. Could just be me though.

  4. Re: Today pane. Whoops! Found the button. I’ll get my coat.