Over one million downloads!

On today’s developer confcall Philipp (developer of the Google Calendar Provider extension) mentioned that his extension has been downloaded over 120.000 times.

That prompted me to look at the current download stats for Lightning and Sunbird and the results blew me away:

  • As of today we have 1.030.000 downloads of Lightning through our website and through addons.mozilla.org. That’s over 780.000 downloads in the last six months. Not much compared to Thunderbird or Firefox, but very much for such a small project as ours.
  • As of today we have nearly 1.400.000 downloads of Sunbird through our website. That’s really awesome! Sunbird has been around longer than Lightning, so the lead is to be expected.

Let me use the opportunity to say “Thank you” to all our users and supporters. We couldn’t have done this without you. We hope to bring you a great 0.7 release soon (hopefully with even more downloads).


  1. As always, a great piece of software delivered in a magnificent way. Your communication with the community couldn’t be better, your releases are always ambitious and timely. Thank-you!

  2. You mentioned, that the google extension has been downloaded over 120.000 times! Please let Philipp now, that his extension doesn�t work in 0.7pre. The events and task are invisible…

  3. Great news but also an indicator of just how desperate folks are for a calendaring solution, especially one that interoperates with MS-Exchange.
    Thanks for your work!

  4. wow… great!