Scotch or Beer — What will it Be?

In our status call on Wednesday, our resident skeptic, Simon, and our optimistic project lead, Daniel, got into a discussion about the 0.7 release date. The date is currently October 15, with an RC1 due on September 17. Simon said that there is no way we are going to make those dates. He cited lots of reasons for that and advocated cutting some features. Daniel remained optimistic, and agreed that some features should perhaps be cut, but we should look closer at it next week. Daniel feels confident that most of the issues will be addressed, and the dates can still be made.

They agreed to check in next week and make a decision, and the following wager was made.

  • If Simon is right, Daniel must buy him a bottle of Single Malt Scotch
  • If Daniel is right, Simon must buy him a case of his favorite German beer

The QA team has been watching the state of the project closely, keeping track of blockers and proposed blocking bugs as they are filed. This Tuesday, the QA team is doing intensive testing to gather data on the quality of Lightning and Sunbird. This information will enable the calendar team to make the crucial decision on Wednesday about the 0.7 release.

No one wants to slip the date. That said, we also want to release the highest quality product we can for 0.7, so if we have to take a week or two to ensure that, we will. We need your eyes to help us scrutinize Lightning and Sunbird on Tuesday, September 11. We need your help to ascertain the quality level of both products.

We’ll take all the data we generate — bugs, feelings, observations, etc — and post them here in a Test Day Findings post. That information will be used in the Wednesday Status call to figure out whether Simon will be drinking Scotch, or Daniel will be drinking beer.

So, join us in #calendar-qa on Tuesday. All the information on the test day is in our usual Test Day Wiki Page. Let’s figure out where we’re at, and when we’re going to release 0.7.

Happy Testing!


  1. So 0.7 will hopefully be ready for the upcoming Ubuntu release awesome.

  2. SIngle Malt or Beer

    Single Malt vs. A Case of German Beer?! I think Simon has made a great deal ;-) I can’t imagine that a bottle (0.7Litre?) of single malt whisky is available for the cost of a case of beer. Even though it will not taste as good as a bottle of german beer (I’d prefer “Jever Pilsener”). Simon should get a more tasteful bottle of Whisky (I’d prefer an Isla Whisky like Laphroaig ;-)
    In any case: Enioy

  3. We will see to it, that both winning pots are of the same size, so if the Whisky bottle is more expensive than the box of 20 bottles of German beer, then Daniel will get two boxes.
    As for the Whisky, I normally prefer Highland whiskys over the whiskys from Islay. My current favourite is a Balvenie 12 years Double Wood.

  4. Hope that Daniel will be right.What kind of beer will he get ?

  5. Give him a good belgian ‘Trappist’ beer!

  6. Hi,
    I would like to ask one question?
    What is going on with Clint Talbert who is responsible for couple bugs concerning iTIP invitations and Outlook conformity?
    Is he ill or something?!
    I would really like to see these bugs fixed.
    Clint, what is with you :)

  7. wabik,
    Clint has a day job at the Mozilla Corporation (QA work for Firefox) that he has to see to first. The little spare time that his job leaves to him, is given to his family first and only then to Calendar work.
    I think everybody should be thankful for all the work that Clint has done and is still doing for the project.

  8. Of course Simon!!! I am sorry if said something wrong but that was not what I meant. Of course I am really grateful for Clint’s contribution which is great!!!
    I am just worrying about his bugs :(

  9. Same here, these bugs suck :-( I would love to see that iTIP gets a higher priority.

  10. Please please please sort out the snooze on alarms!! It drives me nuts.
    I can set a very specific initial alarm, but once the reminder goes off I have almost no choice for when I have my next reminder! Why can’t I choose to be reminded again in 6 days time? Or to be reminded 4 hours before the start of the event. It’s easily the worse thing about Sunbird for me. I currently have lots of alarms going off daily that I can only tell to go off again in one hour, or in one day and I have to just keep repeating that until I don’t need the reminder any more. Madness!

  11. Wabik, Dergy, and the world…
    I too want to get the iTIP bugs fixed. I apologize for not having enough time for them. I also have the giant Timezone bug 314339 staring at me that MUST MUST MUST be fixed for 0.7 since this feature needs more bake time in the 0.9 than the changes for iTIP do (i.e. timezone code changes are very risky).
    The iTIP stuff is no less important, and if folks would like to help out with some of those bugs, all that code is in Javascript, and is not too hard to understand and make headway with. I’d be happy to advise/help folks to fix some of these, but I can’t concentrate fully on them until I get the Timezone code finished.
    Sorry for the inconvenience. Believe me, I understand. I am reminded every time I get a meeting notice. :-(

  12. Clint,
    Thanks for response but concerning writing a code … it’s like the Hell to me :) I cannot write a line, I’m fatal in that.
    But I support your work mentally :)
    Best regards,

  13. Definitly SCOTCH !