Lightning/Sunbird Status Update (August 25)

One more week has passed on the road to 0.7 and we’re making good progress on the release. No particular fix of the last week stands out, but many fix smaller issues that have been nagging people for quite some time.

Here’s the list of fixed bugs since the last status update:

  • Bug 329034:
    async calICalendar methods and callbacks need request handles or ids
  • Bug 353567:
    Wrong default alarm set on new events (after start instead of before)
  • Bug 355226:
    Add Support for Attendees to the Google Calendar Provider
  • Bug 356533:
    Incomplete buttons with some themes
  • Bug 360533:
    [Proto] “Documents” label is misleading
  • Bug 362927:
    [Proto] Event dialog: “Options -> Link to documents” missess 3 dots in label
  • Bug 367163:
    Moving an event with timezone enabled via drag&drop changes time
  • Bug 370148:
    API enhancement: Providing free-busy information
  • Bug 373761:
    [Proto] Attendee invitation status is not accessible
  • Bug 377620:
    Localize ‘Do you want to save changes?’ dialog
  • Bug 385896:
    Reminder ‘1 week before’ doesn’t work
  • Bug 386706:
    update check should be disabled if not possible
  • Bug 388283:
    minimonth needs refresh to display all days of a recurrence bold
  • Bug 390523:
    Persist calendar visibility and selection in calendar list
  • Bug 391854:
    Task dialog: Can’t set due date to be different from entry date
  • Bug 392669:
    Image of toolbarbutton for today pane should be exchanged
  • Bug 392827:
    Duplicated function in calendar-management.js
  • Bug 392853:
    libical/calIDateTime’s subtractDate doesn’t honor timezones
  • Bug 393104:
    [Proto] Event dialog: Documents dialog uses hardcoded strings
  • Bug 393105:
    [Proto] Reminder dialog: localizability issues due to fixed width
  • Bug 393542:
    Startup error with fresh profile: composite.defaultCalendar has no properties
  • Bug 393596:
    JavaScript strict warnings in sun-calendar-event-dialog-attendees.xml

Thanks again to all our developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters. Keep up the good work!


  1. I’m having trouble with the nightly releases of Lighting for Thunderbird 2.0 w/ Google Provider (Windows XP & Linux). The google calendar never shows up. Is this a known issue, or is there a workaround?

  2. Me too on the google provider. Running nightly thunderbird branch & lightning 0.7pre
    Is there a nightly source for the provider?

  3. Same for me: none of my Google Calendars shows up in any Lightning nightly build as of August 16 (the nightly of August 15 does work).

  4. I have the same problem with the Google calendar info not appearing within lightning.

  5. @winkle, dorsan, Gerbert, Dan
    You have to wait for the next release, see

  6. Any chance Bug 367159 can be looked into in the near future? I would gladly help beta test but I can’t really use the calendar due to this bug.
    Also, any chance nightlies will be universal in the near future?

  7. Good to know it wasn’t my problem alone. I would suggest a side by side nightly build of lightning + gcal extension. Same as wcap so users can pick it up off the ftp server and test.

  8. I agree with everyone else – if there is a version of gcal provider that works with the latest tbird nightly, I’d start using it.

  9. Oops I mean Lightning nightly, not Thunderbird nightly!

  10. I am sorry…but I have one question…How can I set “default view” in lightning to “month”. It’s always starts “week”…

  11. Is the string freeze on schedule or will there be some late changes in the cvs?
    Just so I don’t start updating the translation and then – voila – some new strings pop up.
    Thanks, m.

  12. Is it possible to have synchronisation of thunderbird and lightning with a PDA smartphone?

  13. Sunbird is very slow. Any plans, to get it faster ?

  14. As another poster stated, Sunbird is slow. I really like the way it works, but the speed issues…

  15. dear team, we still missing a function or device driver to connect to a smartphone with symbian os (from xp and linux/debian), would be nice to get this feature for calendar and – may be – also for thunderbird in a future release. please compare for instance the nokia-suite-support for xp/vista regarding IBM notes/MS outlook. thanks for feedback. by the way : I would suggest to support Nokia 9300/9300i first, to get business-marketshare. For german speakers, please read also :