Winning the War on Regressions, War On Boxes — Test Day This Tuesday

Tons of new features and bugfixes have landed in recent weeks in preparation for the 0.7 release. We will spend the test day this Tuesday, August 28th focusing on verifying these bugs and on regression testing the calendar back-end, alarms, calendar list, and views.

One of the most exciting features to land in time for this test day is the resolution to the War On Boxes bug. This means that your events will now take up the entire width of the week and day view area until they collide with another event at the same time. This graphic shows it decently well. For a better view, install the nightly build and come to the test day!

Come out to the test day and celebrate with us as we take the new and improved day and week views through regression testing and bug verification. We hope to see you in #calendar-qa on Tuesday, August 28th. For all the details, please see our Test Day Wiki Page.

Happy Testing!


  1. when is lightning going to use different colors for different categories ? I dont want to keep a gazillion calendars just for colors

  2. Why is it not possible to show tasks in the calendar view?
    In this state sunbird isn’t very usefull (to me)…

  3. @asdf
    Enable menu View -> Tasks in View. Don’t forget to also set start + end date on your tasks.