Calendar Status Update (14 Aug)

We’re closing in on 0.3, and lots of good fixes are landing. Thanks to everyone who’s filed bugs, submitted patches, and done QA or reviews. The following bugs have had patches checked in since the last update:

  • Bug 329985: (Both) Alarms on recurring items don’t really work
  • Bug 324666: (Both) Double clicking in day/week view should create an event at that time, not just on that day
  • Bug 259478: (Both) Focus box next to Due/Date boxes loks weird
  • Bug 346912: (Both*) Don’t override Toolit’s print() function
  • Bug 279165: (Sunbird) Fix building error on BeOS
  • Bug 345848: (Both) Drag’n’Drop of tasks in the views is not possible
  • Bug 335159: (Both*) Multiline descriptions are not printed properly
  • Bug 347383: (Both*) Fix wrong printing label
  • Bug 347216: (Both) Selecting ‘Workdays only’ hides the last day of the week, no matter what
  • Bug 347677: (Both) Remove superfluous debug spew
  • Bug 346890: (Sunbird) Package PrintPDE.plugin with Sunbird on Mac
  • Bug 347380: (Both*) (regression) Error when printing ‘Events in current view’
  • Bug 337935: (Both) Weekly recurrence with sunday hides occurrences on other weekdays
  • Bug 347113: (Both) Unsubscribing from a calendar throws an error
  • Bug 346110: (Lightning) Preference to switch between different event-dialogs
  • Bug 347813: (Sunbird) Add accesskeys to preferences
  • Bug 343246: (Both) Quickly fired alarms don’t always appear in the same window
  • Bug 344919: (Both) ICS tasks with alarms set to the end of the event cause errors
  • Bug 345348: (Both) Tasks appear in views when modified, even if ‘Tasks in View’ is turned off
  • Bug 346318: (Both) (regression) Datepicker doesn’t work on Mac
  • Bug 347087: (Sunbird) Remove relocated components during upgrade/uninstall
  • Bug 322827: (Both) X-Components created in other applications are lost during roundtrip
  • Bug 340949: (Both) Enable WCAP preference
  • Bug 347113: (Lightning) Deleting a calendar should select a different calendar. (Sunbird version coming soon)
  • Bug 326332: (Both) Event creation in ICS calendars can sometimes fail due to problems in the data-backup system
  • Bug 348347: (Both) Package new-category dialog in Lightning
  • Bug 347790: (Both*) ‘When printing, title is always “HTMLTitle”
  • Bug 346169: (Both) ‘Tasks in view’ should not be the default
  • Bug 348500: (Both) (regression) error when press cancel in dialog ‘Editing a repeating item’ for recurrence event

*Note: Printing in Lightning hasn’t been turned on yet, but these fixes will also apply to it, once that is done.


  1. I like how it is still referred to as Sunbird

  2. matt:
    The standalone application still is named Sunbird. It only appears as “Calendar” in the nightly builds and in builds created by other non-Mozilla entities (ie: Ubuntu, Debian, etc.).
    When we are ready to release, we’ll enable the Sunbird branding once again for the release builds, and then disable it once more.
    I hope this clears up any confusion.

  3. Will Sunbird 0.3 has autoupdate feature?

  4. I run widescreen and the lightning UI takes up to much of my account pane… cant it reside somewhere else or atleast can it remember the size I set it too! keeps coming back as the same fixed size hiding my mail accounts..

  5. Great program I really love it. A couple of problems I am having is that when i try to make an exception it applies then, but when I go back to it, it has not been applied. I would really love to be able to make bi-weekly reoccuring events, since many people get paid bi-weekly.
    Mozilla Sunbird

  6. @Charles:
    You can use ‘Occurs: Daily Every: 14 Days’.

  7. I dug around trying to find a place to make suggestions/recommendations but can’t easily find anything. Could someone post a deep link?
    If not, I’d like to suggest at least giving the user an option to display the user-selected time range in the day view in the complete window without scroll bars. I have mine set to 8a-5p but on my 1280×1024 display I can’t see anything after 4p without scrolling.
    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  8. I’ve so much news that I don’t see any of these posts till about 7 days after. If I’m thinking correclty there is a test day coming up, will be pleased to join in.

  9. I would like to be able to add bi-weekly reminders for paydays. Thanks!

  10. Hello,
    Is there a way to backup the data in the Sunbird calendar in case of a problem?