Status update (06 September)

Sorry for the late update, guys. Everyone is hard at work on the 0.3 release, as you can see by the tons of fixes, that came in in the last three weeks. We’re pretty confident that we can release in September, so stay tuned for more happiness. Again thanks to everyone who’s filed bugs, submitted patches, and done QA or reviews. The following bugs have had patches checked in since the last update:

  • Bug 133107: Week view and day view should scroll to useable time
  • Bug 177109: Commandline handling for subscribing and jumping to specific dates
  • Bug 275883: Fixes printing on mac and linux without xprint
  • Bug 287550: Introduce a functioning widget for adding attendees to items
  • Bug 296202: Deleting a calendar doesn’t necessarily delete its contents
  • Bug 298358: Adds snooze to alarm dialog
  • Bug 299223: Fixes trademark text for Windows builds
  • Bug 314334: fixed component/property ownership model problem
  • Bug 322831: preserves extra parameters in properties using a js object
  • Bug 328011: audit calendar code for item identity comparison by id only
  • Bug 328810: shutting down calendar doesn’t wait for in-progress writes to finish
  • Bug 329581: Most observers are not removed on shutdown
  • Bug 329912: Item dialog does not remember last ‘Details shown or not’ state
  • Bug 330496: fixed getOccurrencesBetween() to respect half-open intervals
  • Bug 331145: Tooltip for task without due date is not displayed and causes javascript error
  • Bug 333117: Cannot use DEL key anymore to delete an item after inplace editing its title
  • Bug 337885: Adds return val to all xbl setters
  • Bug 338167: Localizability issues with recurNthWeek and recurLast in
  • Bug 339436: Adds ids to items in contextual menus
  • Bug 340229: Removing a color completely from a category doesn’t update the rule
  • Bug 342456: Remove dependencies on obsolete strres.js
  • Bug 342896: support for Application menu under Cocoa widgets, removes “”Quit”” from the “”File”” menu and fixes the wording of “”Close”” in the “”File”” menu”
  • Bug 344561: Header boxes misaligned when view is rotated
  • Bug 345500: Changing default pref for extension update checking to true
  • Bug 345998: Provides shared ‘jump to date’ function and ui
  • Bug 347113: Make sure we still have a selected calendar after deleting one. (sunbird version)
  • Bug 347381: Print monthly calendar for selected events fails [Error: aStart has no properties]
  • Bug 347427: Only show verbose lables on first and last days
  • Bug 348072: repeating, multi days spanning events are not displayed in any view if the starting day is out of view
  • Bug 348137: Make accel+F focus on search bar
  • Bug 348651: Calendar export/publish fails due to idl change
  • Bug 348660: User selection for ‘Tasks in View’/’Workweek days only’ reset on exit
  • Bug 348679: Enable talkback on Sunbird
  • Bug 348716: Fixes setting an alarm on just the first of a recurring event
  • Bug 348796: Strips braces from UIDs when using CalDAV
  • Bug 348891: Replaces nn in CalDAV REPORT responses with rn for libical
  • Bug 349010: remove unused selectAddresses.dtd
  • Bug 349013: Removes unused connectionPrefs stuff
  • Bug 349031: Updates EULAs for Sunbird and generic ‘Calendar’
  • Bug 349032: Include branding with Mac dmg
  • Bug 349040: Changes to events are not reflected in the day view
  • Bug 349197: calendar shouldn’t use sheet for about dialog
  • Bug 349322: Cleans up html and css from calMonthGridPrinter
  • Bug 349377: Adds missing license headers to lightning files
  • Bug 349551: Updated builds won’t uninstall via Windows Control Panel (Sunbird)
  • Bug 349743: Sets build ID in Lightning description to BUILD_ID
  • Bug 349788: Observe correct pref branch
  • Bug 349796: Updates mSelectTodosbyRange to handle tasks with due dates, entry dates, neither, or both
  • Bug 349812: uses getInTimezone in event dialog
  • Bug 350055: Package nsURLFormatter in win32 build
  • Bug 350094: Changing ‘Weeks in view’ pref causes JS error if Multiweek view was not shown before
  • Bug 350324: Makes alarm dialog resizable and persists that size
  • Bug 350348: Removes hard coded strings
  • Bug 351155: Fixes places where Win32 official branding wasn’t working
  • Bug 351184: Changes X-MOZ-SNOOZE-TIME to use a calIDateTime to fix crash
  • Bug 351290: Add missing description field to export
  • Bug 351365: Talkback won’t install for new installs when DOMi is not present in the installer


  1. This sure has taken a long time since 0.2, but it is a massive rewrite so that can be forgiven.
    Two questions:
    1) Do you envisage rewrites on this scale again in the future (up to and including the far-off 1.0?)
    2) Do you think 0.4 will take anywhere near as much time to get out the door as 0.3?

  2. Perhaps for this blog comment form you could stick beside the email address “required (not displayed)” or something similar?

  3. We are not planning another massive re-write before we release 1.0. What comes after 1.0 nobody can really tell, because this is still to far away.
    We don’t expect 0.5 (we are planning to skip 0.4) to take as long as it 0.3 did.

  4. Any news on what a realistic release date might be?

  5. So Lightning is not localizable yet (with locale files in cvs)?

  6. miles, Lightning files are in CVS, see LXR

  7. Ok, I sent all the files updated (there are new folders, many new files) to main Slovenian Mozilla localizer – Aleks to include them into cvs. Will there be any localized builds of Sunbird or Lightning 0.3 available? Slovenian team has no resources to build them.

  8. miles,
    at the moment we do not have the resources to produce localized builds, when we release 0.3. Perhaps we can arrange something until the release date, perhaps not.
    Let me add, that you should really ask these kind of questions in the newsgroup or the mailing list, since such questions may well be of interest to other localizers and the chance of a timely reply is much higher there.

  9. Thanks for the update. I love seeing what you guys are doing, its very encouraging to know that work is progressing, even if the project is not as high-profile as Firefox or Thunderbird. The product is already wonderful, looking forward to using .3

  10. Hooray! This is great, Im really glad to see that calenders now delete properly! I had a massive calender in mine for the World cup soccer and I can finally get rid of it

  11. very great work!!! i use it with seven active calendar-files over webdav with at the moment one another person together.
    where could i post ideas for upcoming versions? *g*
    e.g. …because of the fact, that we have tons of events and tasks splitted in several cal-files, it would be very very fine if we could hide tasks independently from the events.

  12. Tichy,
    you can use the or newsgroups for posting ideas.

  13. I know you guys are doing your best but are there any details on furthering the sharing of calendars, tasks and meetings? e.g. via a simple app that could run on a server. Just have to break this horrible Outlook & Exchange monopoly!
    ps. I’m saying this as management at my work have ordered Exchange+Outhouse to replace of exim+dovecot because of the lack of shared calendar/tasks/etc so am somewhat bitter right now :(

  14. Could there be a feature where one could rearrange the order of the calendars?

  15. This is great ! Keep up the god work !
    I am still using lightning 0.1, should I move to the latest nightly build or this is too dangerous (not that the data I have there is really critical) ?

  16. Matt:
    I’m using the latest nightlies for my personal stuff.. it’s nothing much, so it won’t matter if it’s gone.. But I’ve been using nightlies for sometime now.. So I don’t know if you upgrade now, how it will affect you data

  17. Thanks Raymond,
    I just upgraded, did not loose any data at all and it looks so much nicer !!!
    Thanks to you all.

  18. Hi
    Great work thus far, we use Sunbird in our business and a feature to display all calendars and just your own task list (and any combination between) would be great.
    Also the relitivly recent addition of the backup data is great but is there anyway of introducing a system where by if you have multiple computers reading from calendar files if they add an appointment and they havent reloaded their calendar before hand it doesn’t lose changes? Hope that makes sense.

  19. > We’re pretty confident that we can release in September

    3 days left in September; any update on your progress? We actively use Sunbird in our organisation (along side Firefox and Thunderbird), so we are looking forward to this realease.

  20. Likewise, would love to kow when we can expect the release.
    We appreciate how hard you’re working ;-) , but our company has just taken on two huge orders and I’m desperate for Sunbird to help us schedule!