Sunbird/Lightning 0.3 Release planning

We’re moving into “crunch time” for the Sunbird and Lightning 0.3 release schedules. This means that it’s more important than ever for the community to get involved, helping us to ship a high-quality release on time. The details of the release process are being tracked on the Calendar wiki. There, you’ll find an overview of what we’re planning for this release, a release schedule, and fairly up-to-date status reports on different development areas.

As I said, we want the community to get involved here, and there are a variety of ways you can help:

  • Test nightly builds – Download the latest nightly build of either Sunbird or Lightning from the links on the right. Play around with it. Report bugs you find (after searching for duplicates) in Bugzilla. Note: We’re going to be doing a major push for more testing coverage in the coming days. Keep your eyes open for future announcements.
  • Nominate blocking bugs – The 0.3 release drivers are doing their best to get full coverage of Calendar bugs to find bugs important for this release. If you think such a bug has been overlooked, nominate it for blocking by setting the “blocking0.3” to ‘?’. (See also lilmatt’s description of blocking flags)
  • Write patches – There are still quite a few bugs that block the release that are assigned to We need people to step up and fix these. Fixing even one bug makes a huge difference!

We hope you’re as excited about the upcoming release as we are! Thanks in advance for any help you can give.


  1. where is the sourcce for the standard theme of sunbi…, I mean Calendar?

  2. Matt,
    Calendar the extension was discontinued awhile ago and we don’t keep sources for that anymore. The source for Sunbird’s standard theme is in

  3. Hmm, I don’t see links to the right on this page, which is specific to this blog post, but the home page for this blog seems to have the links:

  4. The latest nightly directory contains 0.3a2 builds from May in addition to the nightly 0.3a2+ builds. Those should probably be removed so that downloaders don’t accidentally click them and get an old version (and also so folks don’t have to read the list carefully to get the build they want).

  5. Thanks, that is exactly what I wanted

  6. Haa. This is funny. The users and testers are asked to test the actual nightly build.
    Well, and if you find a bug you can nominate it as blocking0.3
    Nice idea.. But what does this help, when these bugs are ignored by the developers. For example : Alarm-popups are only fired in the background.
    This is a serious very old bug and nobody thinks it is important ?? Do I really need a calendarprogram which cannot remind me proberly on my events/tasks ?

  7. Posted a bug a while ago but it doesn’t really appear in the list. Guess I did something wrong or something, so…

  8. Will the emailtask linkage feature be available in Lightning 0.3 as announced in the Lightning roadmap ?

  9. myk,
    Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve cleaned up the directory.
    The roadmap you’re talking about isn’t current anymore. Unfortunately, it doens’t look like much will be done on the emailtask front for 0.3.

  10. Lightning 0.3? Then where is 0.2? All I see on the Lighting project page is a link to download the ancient 0.1, and I see no hint of nightly builds.

  11. @David,
    there is no 0.2 release.
    For nightly builds see

  12. Wow, this next release seems to have everything I’ve been waiting for!
    Finaly I’ll be able to skip Outlook totaly!

  13. I do not currently see how to print anything from Lightning, but the wiki suggests that printing of lists should be possible now and other views soon. how do you access printing features from Lightning?