Awesome Test Day

The test day on Tuesday was absolutely incredible. The response was awesome.

  • 30 people took part
  • 332 tests were run

  • 90% coverage in litmus on all tier 1 platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac Intel, Mac PPC)
  • 9 non-duplicate bugs found.

First place and the prize of the test day went to ssitter with over a hundred tests run in addition to serving as a moderator on the channel. Ray swept in with a close second at 59 tests and several good bugs. Andreas was on his heels with 54 tests. While these guys may have been in the lead, everyone’s contribution helped us achieve 90% test coverage, and that’s what I’m so excited about.

Several good bugs were found, but none of them were serious enough to block the release. We are still testing, of course, but so far everything looks good. The team is currently in the process of cutting the release builds which will include a localized Lightning and a universal Mac build of Lightning. No code changes are going in, so once we have the release build built, we will do a localization and functional test day. If we don’t find any blockers, we’ll release that as 0.5.

We are getting down to the wire, so keep an eye on this blog, the newsgroup, and Mozilla Zine for the announcement about the next test day. I’m going to try to have it on Tuesday, but it entirely depends on when the release is built.

I’m not sure what a virtual round of applause sounds like, but we should give ourselves a hand. This was a magnificent feat! Thanks to everyone that joined the test day effort and helped out. Thanks also to our moderators who in put in long hours to stay awake and available through the day. We couldn’t do it without you!

Happy Testing!


  1. Great work!!! Too bad I couldn’t make it last tuesday… Keep the train rolling…

  2. Any details on what’s been updated? Or a possible release date? I’m eagerly awaiting for it!! :)

  3. what about bug #327933 ? not blocking 0.5?
    with 20070518 Calendar/0.5pre i still get this error: “Publishing the calendar file failed Status code: 412: Precondition Failed”
    i use an very old apache version, i will make tests with an new version when i have the time to update. do you think this could help?

  4. anybody outthere?

  5. Tichy, I don’t know if that will help, but it might. We have never been able to reproduce that bug on test servers until just recently when doing testing with two users editing the same calendar at the same time. If you do update your apache and you still get the message, or if you update and no longer get that message, please comment in the bug.

  6. RC1 is on the mirrors now.

  7. Will you post an official announcement? What is that location of RC1? Does it include all supported languages?
    Thanks, m.

  8. @dave, miles
    No, RC is not yet available. This are just regular nightly builds that already use the 0.5 version number. Once the RC is ready it will be announced and can be downloaded from [].

  9. What is left to be done before the RC is released?

  10. any news, progress, new roadmap, what about V. 0.7, in 2009 ?
    palm sync, multiple user access?

  11. Yesterday night sunbird was updated and today I can’t add another calendar. First I thought there was a limit to the number of calenders. But after deleting 1 the problem stayed the same. By the way I’m only using google calendars

  12. Nevermind the last comment. I f*cked up. Everything is working great!