0.5 RC Test Day TOMORROW

I’m not sure what happened to this post, but I think there was a glitch between my computer and my chair last week. I distinctly remember writing a post about the test day tomorrow. But, it isn’t posted, and wasn’t deleted. Sounds like “somebody” forgot to click “Publish”, or worse, I wrote it in a dream. ;-S

All questions about my sanity aside, we need a test day. The last of the 0.5 blocking bugs was fixed by Mr. Goold (thanks very much!). We are going to try to spin up a real release (including locales and everything) for both Lightning and Sunbird. But, even if that doesn’t happen by tomorrow, we still need to test the code since these current branch nightlies are going to be the RC.

There will be rewards for this test day! I will announce the winner in this forum after they are announced at the Thursday Calendar QA Chat on May 17.

I know the project has been slipping a bit due to the hectic schedules of the core team, but we are trying very hard to keep it moving forward. The best way for you to help us is to participate in the test days. The regression testing is the last thing we need to do before we release 0.5, so the sooner it’s finished the sooner we release. And that’s exactly why we need your help tomorrow.

Thanks very much. Happy Testing and Good Luck!


  1. with the actual nightlies, i get an error when writing to several caldav-files over webdav:
    Error number: 0x0
    Publishing the calendar file failed Status code: 412: Precondition Failed
    any idea?
    after updating i have used my calendars some days without any problems.

  2. I tried to install the mac lightning branch nightly on official Slovenian Mac Thunderbird 2.0, but wouldn’t install. What Th version is needed for testing?
    Lp, m.

  3. Drat! I didn’t check the blog yesterday or this morning, so I missed the test day.
    *sigh* Wanted to put my money where my mouth was…. :P

  4. Tichy: That error is bug 327933, and it came up in the test day too. We’re looking into it.
    miles: The Lightning build for the current nightlies is not localized, and that is why it did not install. We hope to have localized builds later in the week.
    crimsondryad: That’s really my fault for somehow forgetting to post this sooner. But, don’t worry–we’ll have another test day as soon as we have a localized build of Lightning. And we’re hoping to have that by the end of the week. So the test day could be as early as next week. I’ll do a better job keeping you posted. :-)

  5. ctalbert; Strange, the error message said (in Slovenian) that my Th build system is not compatible with the extension build system (-gcc3 was mentioned in the message). Well, maybe you get that message, if locale is not present. But usually that shouldn’t provoke an error.

  6. @miles
    I think the problem is not the locale as mentioned by ctalbert. My guess would be that you’re using an Intel Mac and the Lightning nightly builds are currently only available for PPC Mac. You might be able to install Lightning by using Rosetta PPC emulation with Thunderbird.

  7. I agree with ssitter, the locale shouldn’t be the problem as it would just show up in English…

  8. I was wrong about the locale. That is exactly the message you get when you try to run our non-universal Lightning build on an Intel mac. We will have a universal build of Lightning once we spin the official release candidate build.

  9. Thanks, everyone, that is correct, I use Intel here, will wait for the release.

  10. Hi folks,
    Just downloaded 0.5pre, and love it. Fine work!
    I have just one question – is there a way for an event organiser to view the status of attendees, i.e. accepted or declined? I’m receiving the accept/decline messages, but it doesn’t appear to have any effect.
    Keep up the good work!

  11. Hey,
    Great Work!
    I am wondering, as I didn’t see it in the time line, at what stage – – will the colours actually reflect category(ie. Clients, Projects, Personal, etc..)
    Keep up the great work. I love the 0.5 pre.

  12. So how did the Test Day go? Did we uncover anything that’s going to delay the release? Or do we have all lights green for launch!
    (hopefully the latter)

  13. Borofkin: Not yet. With 0.5 we just got the round tripping and back end support into the product. Attendee tracking and updating status of events is next.
    Chris: I thought that the category color should be reflected in the border of the event box. At least, that’s how it worked before the new views went in. It seems to have changed since then. I recommend posting to the newsgroup (mozilla.dev.apps.calendar) to find out.
    Goose: I’ll post to the blog.