0.5 RC 1 HAS LANDED!!!

At long last, the 0.5 RC’s are ready! We have the Sunbird RC’s for all our supported locales as well as the Lightning RC’s for all our supported locales AND a Lightning Universal Mac build.

We are truly happy to have this finally done. But, now is where we need your help. We’ve been in total lockdown for some time on this release, so we think the actual code bits are OK. But, this is the first time that the localizers (and anyone) has seen the localized Lightning builds.

We need your help to verify the localizations

We are holding a Localization test day on Friday, June 1 from 1200 UTC to 0100 UTC. Please drop into the #calendar-qa channel to help us test the localized builds and ensure that we can quickly ship the 0.5 that we have all been waiting for.

Here’s where to get your hands on the RC:

Thanks to everyone who has helped with this release. And, an even bigger thank you to everyone who has waited for us to release it. Thanks!

Happy 0.5!


  1. 0.5pre nightly builds for Win32 are not suggesting update to RC1. Would it be possible to fix it, please?

  2. We have added table to the testday page on where we would like locale owners to sign-off on their localization, if possible.
    It would be great, if locale owners (or their communities) could complete the table today, tomorrow or on Saturday at the latest.
    If everything looks fine, please put an OK in for your locale, where currently “no information yet” is written. If you find issues, please add the bug number to that table.

  3. Making Office read Calendar invites (Bug 377641) was a priority before launching 0.5… however, 377761 which is a major obstacle to the same purpose is at a stand still: does this mean outlook compatibility is no longer a major desired feature for 0.5 ?

  4. Yannack,
    a patch for that bug didn’t materialize, so that won’t be in 0.5 as far as I can see.

  5. Sorry if I’m new and not up to speed on all the previous bug history, but is that why in Outlook 2003 I get the “Can’t copy the items. A meeting cannot be created from an attachment. To add this item to your calendar, ask the meeting organizer to send you a meeting request.” when I try to save the attachment to my Outlook 2003 Calendar and the Accept/Decline buttons are greyed out?

  6. Hi ! Thanks for this V0.5…I’ve installed it in my Thunderbird (I’m using WCAP Sun Mail) and I’m getting this error message : Login failed. Invalid session ID. My problem is that I can’t enter the session ID anywhere (at least I can’t find the place) to log on my calendar…Anyone can help ?
    Thanks for having put all these efforts in this new release !

  7. Alex, the release candidate builds do not contain the necessary bits for WCAP. We will provide WCAP-enabled builds for the final 0.5 release though.

  8. Wait — so no plans for any pre-release testing of Lightning 0.5 with WCAP against Sun Calendar servers?!?!? Isn’t there some way to get a RC build with WCAP so we can test that too? I’ve been waiting for 0.5 *sooooo* long and checking daily for the RC but need to use it with WCAP. Crushed…

  9. David,
    for testing purposes, you can enable WCAP functionality by adding the following to preferences to your Thunderbird installation:
    pref(“calendar.prototypes.wcap”, true);
    pref(“calendar.wcap.enabled”, true);
    To add these go to Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> General -> Config Editor and add these two boolean prefs.

  10. @VS
    We’re not pushing updates from 0.5pre to 0.5RC1. 0.5RC1 is on the “release” channel, so it won’t receive nightly updates.
    Nightly updates will resume once 0.5 is released, most likely as 0.7pre.

  11. Thanks, Simon! I installed the 0.5 RC XPI file over the top of my existing 0.3 instance and it picked up the WCAP preferences automagically. Everything looks fine so far. Very much appreciated.

  12. Thanks to everybody who contributed to the release! Very excited to be using this now.
    By the way, I have manipulated this extension very much on my mac…does anybody know how to completely remove my profile for lightning? I keep trying to remove it but I am not getting all of the data as it repopulates when I reinstall the extension.
    I can’t find this documented anywhere (for mac users).

  13. Just like 0.3, it does not work on my machine. The error console shows errors like this:
    Error: [Exception… “‘cal_calendar_schema_version SELECT returned no results’ when calling method: [nsIFactory::createInstance]” nsresult: “0x8057001e (NS_ERROR_XPC_JS_THREW_STRING)” location: “JS frame :: file:///C:/Program%20Files/Mozilla%20Sunbird/js/calUtils.js :: getCalendarManager :: line 84” data: no]
    Source File: file:///C:/Program%20Files/Mozilla%20Sunbird/js/calUtils.js
    Line: 84

  14. Excellent work ! 0.5 is a huge step forward in my attempt to replace my corporate Outlook by Thunderbird+Lightning :)
    But I still miss a resolution for bug 377761 (invitations not read by OL2003).
    Will that be a priority after 0.5 is released – for a 0.5.1 ? I hope so !
    Thanks and kudos again

  15. > Linux: Kernel 2.6.21
    > Thunderbird: (Debian Icedove)
    > Lightning: 0.5RC1
    > I have a problem (noticed also earlier this week with the nighlies): I
    > cannot add new .ics calendars on the net.
    > * Switch to the “Calendars” tab
    > * Click “New…”
    > * Select “On the Network” and click next
    > * Select “iCalendar (ICS)” as format and enter the location (for me:http://www.icalx.com/public/StarFire/Home.ics), finally click Next
    > * Chose a Name and Color and click next … and nothing happens
    > The wizard stays on the last page. I can click “Cancel” and “Back”, they
    > both work, but “Next” does not.
    I am having the same problem as above except that I am using a webdav
    to hold my ics files. I can complete the wizard but I end up with a blank calendar. If I download the calendar file from my server and import it locally it works fine.
    Windows XP
    Thunderbird version (20070326)
    Lightning: 0.5RC1
    Is this bug know?

  16. Hi all. Congratulations for the developers for this candidate, for this great code!
    I need to test the pt-BR version of Calendar, and ask other people to do the same, but the link posted for Lightning doesn’t show the localized builds. Where should I find localized Lightning 0.5RC1?
    Many thanks,

  17. Hi. Just installed Lightning 0.5RC1. Seems to work just fine. Is it possible to have the calender in a separate window (i.e., not in the left corner)? I don’t see an option for that.

  18. @Grillo
    The 0.5RC1 lightning build contains all available locales !
    Maybe http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?t=537171 is what you are looking for

  19. @Alex: I have a fix for the “Invalid Session ID” (that some users reported) at hand which will go in *after* 0.5; sorry, but we decided not to delay the release any further. You can expect the fix within the next two weeks in the nightlies.

  20. @Grillo
    If you install the release candidate of Lightning into a pt-BR Thunderbird, Lightning will display in the pt-BR locale. Sorry, I know that isn’t obvious.

  21. Thanks for another great release (coming up). My test of SB 0.5 RC (en_US) on WinXP SP2 revealed two points of concern:
    1. SunTray (minimizing to tray & warnings concerning accidental termination) no longer functions (I know this isn’t your issue — just letting you know) — it is a function which I will nevertheless greatly miss.
    2. The current build takes ~4MB more RAM than 0.3.1 (though I am hoping this is just debug stuff still left in).
    Looks really nice though :).

  22. Do you have a timeline for a WCAP-enabled release of Sunbird? I’ve tried Lightning with SJS Calendar Server, and I can see a dawn without Outlook not far off…
    Keep up the great work!

  23. Also, is resource scheduling functional in this release?