Calendar Community Testday On Thursday, March 20

Our next test day will be on Thursday, March 20th. We will be testing nightly builds before creating a second release candidate for Lightning and Sunbird 0.8, there may even be a RC2 ready for the testday. Please help us find any stop-ship bugs that might still be hiding in both products. There is a ton of stuff to do:
You should have a look at our test plan for the release. If you are a localizer, try the recent builds and check your localized builds of Lightning and Sunbird. Your feedback by editing the table in our test plan is appreciated. We also need help to re-test localized builds with known (but now hopefully fixed) bugs.
We want to test migration from previous releases 0.3, 0.3.1/0.5 and 0.7 to 0.8. For these tests ask in #calendar-qa how to proceed. To ensure basic functionality for the release, general testing with Litmus and ad-hoc methods on all OS’s must be performed.
As usual there are also some fixed bugs left that need to be verified. You simply add a comment to the bug report stating what product, version and operating system you used while verifying the bug was fixed.
Join us in the #calendar-qa IRC channel on Thursday. All the information on the test day is on our usual test day wiki page, and on the test plan.
Happy Testing!


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