Lightning/Sunbird 0.8 status update

We’re getting nearer and nearer to the final 0.8 release. We’ve fixed 26 bugs in the last 11 days and we’ll probably push out a first release candidate in the next few days.

The RC1 will come with two blocker bugs unfixed, which we will fix until the final release:

  • Bug 418854: Undo is not possible for task/event modification
  • Bug 419817: iMip/iTip invitation mail -> No ‘Accept’/’Decline’ button if WCAP calendar exists

We know, that releasing a release candidate with known blockers unfixed does not fit perfectly into the definition of a “release candidate”, but we feel that it is the right thing to do, to get our code out to more testers, which hopefully will not find more blocker bugs.

On the positive side are, as mentioned above, 26 bug fixes within the last 11 days. A lot of the fixes were in the area of .csv file import and export, which should be greatly improved over what we had in 0.7. Here’s the list of bugs fixed within the last 11 days in alphabetical order:

  • Bug 336175: Export calendar to CSV format fails if a task exists in calendar
  • Bug 337377: Fails to import Outlook CSV files that have fewer than 13 fields
  • Bug 361635: Make update invitations work by working around outlook issues
  • Bug 379198: Lightning doesn’t send iTIP messages on event updates
  • Bug 394634: Double Quotes in Description not handled correctly when exported to .CSV files
  • Bug 398426: Priority icon not visible if task is selected due to row background color
  • Bug 402534: Provide a default set of categories
  • Bug 403808: Missing license header (minimonth.css & minimonth.xml)
  • Bug 407933: Initial width of the Done column too small
  • Bug 413296: Remove observers on shutdown or window close
  • Bug 418115: Wrong start & end time for new events (new event button on today pane)
  • Bug 418542: CalDAV provider forces calendar visibility on startup, refresh
  • Bug 418805: Fix modifyItem for offline calendars
  • Bug 419349: After landing of Bug 379198 decline button on imip-bar stopped working
  • Bug 419351: Redundant view refresh if tasks are not shown in view
  • Bug 419414: CSV files without CRLF line endings not importable
  • Bug 419462: CSV files contain bogus data
  • Bug 419601: Decouple calendar manager schema version from storage calendar
  • Bug 419817: iMip/iTip invitation mail -> No ‘Accept’/’Decline’ button if CalDAV calendar exists
  • Bug 419860: Unifinder ‘All Future Events’ shows past events
  • Bug 420228: Cannot dismiss alarms on CalDAV calendars
  • Bug 420326: The CalDAV provider does not refresh modified events from server
  • Bug 420364: Update to meeting requests fail with “showError is not defined”
  • Bug 420586: Move packaging of updater.ini
  • Bug 420840: Push version to 0.8
  • Bug 420854: Cannot modify events on CalDAV calendar

Special thanks again go to all developers, contributors, localizers, testers, and supporters that made this possible.


  1. Emerson Prado

    Hi. Since you’re doing the final cleanups for the release, could you pls check this trivial bug I reported?
    It’s trivial but ugly, and its solution seems to be quite simple.
    Shortly, custom reminder for tasks show time as before/after event, instead of task.
    Many thanks and best regards

  2. With those recent file compatibility changes I want to give Ligtning another try, but I’m wondering:
    Different services online provides ics-files to easely download into your calendar, but it’s only possible to pick windows calendar as the default .ics handler. Is it possible to set lightning as my default .ics handler? How?
    Just a suggestion: Maybe you should make a link to the calendar forum (at mozillazine) on this blog?

  3. I haven’t given it a go so I’m curious about opinions. Is lightning ready for production use? For instance, is it usable to set appointments with colleagues (as well as receive them) through thunderbird?

  4. Hi to everyone!
    I’ve found a little “problem” by using lightning 0.8.
    If you create an event (f.e.) and you choose one calendar for it and then save, if I try to modify, later, the calendar of the same event (or task) light. doesn’t save the change and I have to save twice but without results..
    Thank’s for attention and good job!
    Like Lightning! ;-)

  5. Calendar stopped working with this. error 2152333318
    TypeError: Components.classes[“;1?type=” + type] has no properties
    also tasks don’t work

  6. @ Han
    your bug is:
    Modification of events calendar causes dataloss. This bug should block Lightning 0.8.

  7. Tried the CSV import, didn’t work. CSV file came from Yahoo calendat export.

  8. all is workin fine here
    except that stupid white background on the left panel for the calender and tasks options… it’s really annoying when you use a dark windows-shell

  9. I have been really impressed with the changes that have been added. Not sure if this has been brought up, is it possible to have the tasks show up in different colors on the list even if they are not dated or are dated for a future date? Currently they only show in the color I have chosen for the category on the due date, or show up in red if they have past the due date.(I apologize if this is not the right place to post this comment.)